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Some of you may have noticed the herbicide van (presumably Haringey or contracted) going down Glasslyn Road etc this lunchtime.

Please be aware that while probably fairly harmless to adult humans, less is said for our 4 legged friends, and we do have a number of cats and dogs along our pavements.`
There's no legal obligation for councils to notify residents when spraying takes place so those with overhanging shrubs etc on the pavement may notice some visible impact.. Time to get em cut anyway ;)

With regards to bees I would urge all residents to use biocides very carefully in the garden, or avoid if at all possible. The cold weather has been awful for local beekeepers, with a very large percentage of bee colonies lost this year, both in gardens, on the allotments, and North London Beekeepers.

For a list of pesticide free gardening tips I do recommend the PAN mailing list which can be obtained by sending an email to roslynmckendry@pan-uk.org


Does any one know what Haringey use on the pavement?

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OpinioN8 has received this email. The Dakar Pro-2 document explicitly denies knowledge of the effect on bees:

Dear Councillor Winskill,


Your enquiry about herbicide use on pavements - Ref : LBH/1754913


Thank you for your enquiry regarding the above matter which has been passed to me for reply.


I have since been informed by our waste contractor that the product used for weed spraying is called Dakar Pro and is a granular glyphosate and is one of the greenest glyphosate formulations available.  This has a non hazardous label and is not harmful to people or pets. A granular formulation is used so if the concentrate is spilt it can be easily swept up, the concentrate is diluted in water and applied to hard surfaces. Once dried on foliage it can not be rubbed off onto skin, in contact with soil Dakar Pro is immediately absorbed on the clay particles and inactivated- it breaks down rapidly in soil.


Please see attached information in regards to the product for your perusal.


I hope that you are satisfied with my response to your enquiry.  If you have any follow-up queries or need more information, please contact the Feedback and Information Governance Team in the first instance.


Yours sincerely,


Donna Watson

Lead Officer, Technical Support Team

Single Frontline Service


That makes it sound so good!


All I know is my Dad is a farmer in New Zealand.  One of his neighbours is a beekeeper and she has asked him to notify her every time he is planning to spray glyphosate (he uses Roundup) so she can shut her bees in.


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