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I have just watched the BBC weather forecast on the news channel. A blond woman gave the forecast for Friday. I think she said it might or might not rain or be sunny or there be a bit of a breeze or maybe thundery showers. She hedged all her bets and then said "but that might all change, its early days yet", which is what she said yesterday.

So, what, I wonder are we paying them for. A forecast covering all the angles, and yet which they say may still be wrong.

And they dare to predict that 2050 will see global warming of whatever it is they are saying now, but they don't know what will happen on Friday.


A load of balderdash.


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lol -Today, any minute now it will rain a little bit -my crystalballHZ2000 from Argos is never wrong..will consult for Friday..
All predictions should be attached to percentage probability. I'd be more likely to carry an umbrella if there was a 90% chance of rain than a 10% chance of rain.


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