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The slow creep of commercial use is upon Priory Park, this time an outdoor cinema event in September. £12.50 a ticket.

A bit, but not much mention of this on social media as yet. It seems Haringey can dish out Temporary Events Notices with zilch public consultation - if the organisers can pass the usual health & safety / insurance considerations, then it's okay for licensing, and roll up roll up.

Perhaps people are happy with it, but what's to stop things on a weekly basis? Is there a policy I missed?

A billboard for 3 billboards -

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The link to tickets -


Bar and burgers available.

A note on Facebook suggests a police investigation has taken place in Priory Park in the past 24 hours. At least some of the responses to the question about what has happened show nothing but levity.

Perhaps the income from the letting will go to reduce the likelihood of whatever it was happening again.

In the meantime Cllr Ejiofor sticks to Claire Kober's guns in terms of major events policy

And another thing...

... there's stock car racing in November.


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