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This article is completely terrifying - and enraging. A perfectly ordinary couple bullied by Haringey because the council still can't stand to admit it's made a mistake:


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This does seem outrageous. A local authority using the powers given to it by the state (and then some more) to persecute good parents based on the flimsiest of unsubstantiated, uncorroborated and as far as anyone else could tell, anonymous accusations. And then going on to do its best to prevent the story being told, despite having apparently blabbed to all and sundry when it should not have done.

Yet facts here, seem to be a bit thin on the ground. This is a story written by a journalist, and journalists are expert at selecting which facts they use, and presenting them in such a way as exaggerate their own point of view. And even an organ as august as the Daily Telegraph has an agenda, which includes Haringey bashing. Haringey does admit "Our handling of this case fell below the standards that we would expect, and we apologise to the family concerned."

But, in the article the DT includes some figures:

"His [John Hemming, Liberal Democrat MP for Birmingham Yardley] analysis of Department for Health figures shows that, over 20 years, the number of young children subject to care orders has more than doubled. In the year to March 31 1995, there were 5,800 “looked after” children of four years and under. By 1998 there were 8,200, but in 2010 the number rose to 11,200, and 12,300 in 2011."

Contrast this with a Daily Mail article about Michael Gove in which Gove states "More children should be taken into care . . ." and the Mail quotes the following figures:

"The numbers of children in care has fallen in the past few decades; In 1981, 92,000 children were in care, the figure this year is 67,000."

Maybe both sets of figures can be true? And are the conservatives actually the party of Hatcheries and Conditioning Centres?


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