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Water Bills, metered or rateable value, much excitement amongst Canadian pensioners @OMERSVentures

I've just looked at my Thames Water account online. It tells me both that I'm using 633 litres per day, and that I'm using 24 litres per day. Gives me no confidence that they'll get the charges right. I rang up , and the first young lady said d=she'd send out the comparison letters. They haven't been sent because I have paperless billing and I should be able to see them online. But the young lady and I couldn't find them on my account. The next young lady (and yes I am making an assumption about the owner of the voice I could hear) , supposedly an expert on the online system, said she could pass me on to someone else. So I didn't bother any further. MAybe the reprinted letters in the post will tell me something. Apparently I'm on a 2 year journey

And anyway , why should OMERS canadian public pensioners care about my water usage or untreated sewage?

Wikipedia says

Thames Water is regulated under the Water Industry Act 1991 and is owned by Kemble Water Holdings Ltd, a consortium formed in late 2006 and formerly owned by Australian-based Macquarie Group's European Infrastructure Funds specifically for the purpose of purchasing Thames Water. Currently the largest shareholders are Canadian pensions group OMERS(23%),[9] [ . . . . ]

In March 2017 a judge imposed a record fine of £20.3m on Thames Water after large leaks of untreated sewage, totalling 1.4bn litres, occurred over a number of years.


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