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Has anyone else experienced long waiting times for the W7 bus lately? Twice this week I had to wait 15-16 minutes for a bus during morning rush hour (having gotten at the bus stop at 7am) even though, according to the timetable, buses should be coming every 3-6 minutes. Of course, after a 16 minute wait, two buses appear.

With no tube, Crouch Enders depend on a reliable bus service. I really wish our MP would understand this. I haven't taken the W3 in a while so I don't know if that bus is more reliable.

Would anyone know what could be causing this disruption with the W7 , and if it's meant to be permanent?




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More delays to the W7 route this evening after a car being pursued by police crashed into shop fronts near the Dragon. Utilities repair vans in attendance and the road is cordoned off. Lucky no one was badly hurt but Cannons must be feeling the loss of trade. Article in the Evening Standard with their usual lack of accuracy and local knowledge.

Park Road has previous for this. Remember when The Urban Flower Co suffered a similar fate in 2013.

I've gathered a couple of photographs. There are millions on Facebook, Twitter etcetera. The only possible explanation for the peculiarly poor quality and lack of detail in this one is that it was taken from a submarine.


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