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Has anyone else experienced long waiting times for the W7 bus lately? Twice this week I had to wait 15-16 minutes for a bus during morning rush hour (having gotten at the bus stop at 7am) even though, according to the timetable, buses should be coming every 3-6 minutes. Of course, after a 16 minute wait, two buses appear.

With no tube, Crouch Enders depend on a reliable bus service. I really wish our MP would understand this. I haven't taken the W3 in a while so I don't know if that bus is more reliable.

Would anyone know what could be causing this disruption with the W7 , and if it's meant to be permanent?




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Hi Ella,

I have a hypothesis and a couple of suggestions to offer:

Roadworks have a bad effect on traffic flow generally but buses in particular as they can't squeeze past or overtake each other as easily as cars and they have to pull up at every stop to allow passengers to board and alight. There is an extensive stretch of roadworks all along the uphill stretch of Muswell Hill as well as works on Crouch Hill and Stroud Green Road. Add to the mix the extra cars and bus passengers now that the school holidays are over, not to mention rainy weather. These factors all cause delays to the bus schedule and bunching of the service. The Muswell Hill roadworks are due to finish around the end of October so that might improve the situation.

Suggestions are to download an app like London Live Bus Countdown. Even if your bus stop doesn't have Countdown, you can check on your phone if it's worth waiting, walking or switching to a different route. 

And lastly, you could contact tfl or the operator MetroLine. They would have more information on issues with this route and how long the delays are going to last. At least you would have made your feelings known to the responsible organisations. Good Luck!

TFL bus countdown keeps saying the buses are near. Not very helpful.

I'm at the bus stop at 7am. Isn't that too early for roadworks delays?

I'm not willing to accept rainy weather as an execuse. It's rains so frequently in London, tfl can't keep using rain as an excuse.

I will definitely contact tfl and perhaps our MP. The bus service in Crouch End has simply become too unreliable.

Time to bulldoze then Parkland Walk and rebuild the railway. I'm sure we all agree.

I do - have been saying that for years. 

I've raised the question of unacceptable local bus delays before with Transport for London, and the usual response is that the driver hasn't turned up for his/her shift. I sometimes wonder if some of the W7 drivers aren't on day-release from Pentonville anyway, given their frequently charmless disposition. With their earnings of £500 a week you'd expect the drivers to be a bit more dependable, if that's the real reason for their unreliability.

I too have written to TfL in the past about a Crouch End bus route. It seems there is always a local, temporary reason for undue delays. A W3 driver has joined in a similar conversation. In December there was a comment here about the W3.

This morning seeking for an illustration of the probelm I walked round to the Weston Park stop on Ferme Park Road. One day last week I had seen a very long queue which still remained after a bus had gone. Today was much better, but the bus was packed. I have little hope that anyone waiting at Mountview Road would get on.

Looking through the threads here and on Facebook, it seems that however hard you kick TfL, or the Mayor, there is little response. Crouch Enders are very much a captive audience for bus routes.

boarding 8:00 a.m. 15th Oct 2015 All gone 8:01 a.m. 15th Oct 2015

I've started getting the 41 to Archway and it's been reliably much better than the W7.

I go to Warren Street, so Northern Line and Victoria both good for there.

To start with I was still getting the W7 back, but after several 15 minute waits, now use Archway both ways each day. Warren St <-> Crouch End takes 25 mins.

Mike's use of the 41 bus and Archway to get to town is definitely the preferable way to go. Archway anyway is a more user-friendly station than Finsbury Park. Another alternative for travelling into central London is to get the 91 to Caledonian Road station, which offers easy and almost immediate step-free access to the Piccadilly Line's platforms, a much pleasanter and less crowded experience than Finsbury Park.

More roadworks on Crouch Hill scheduled for 28th & 29th October so the W7 route may be disrupted again, Maybe time to try out Mike's 41 / Northern Line route or switch to the W3 on those days (although from Adrian's comments above, the W3 is not always reliable). And there's always walking, though I appreciate this isn't an option for everyone. It does remove the element of uncertainty from your journey as you know exactly how long it will take to get to the station.

I still think the W7 is reliable in the morning if you get on at the Broadway. There has been a lot of roadworks (Stroud Green Road, Crouch Hill and Muswell Hill) recently which I think is the main cause of the delays.

I have often wondered why commuters from Muswell Hill and Crouch End struggle through traffic on crowded buses to  Finsbury Park station. Why not start in the other direction, e.g. to Bounds Green or Wood Green?

Or 41 to Turnpike Lane. You then have the additional option of the 67 to Aldgate which whilst taking a bit longer is a more interesting and less stressful journey than the tube or rail if you work that end of the City.


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