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What can we do about the w3 servicing the N4 end of Ferme Park Road on to Finsbury Park? More buses are needed after 8am - it is impossible to get on a bus most days. The service simply can't cope with the number of people needing to use it. Arriva buses never reply, nor does the Mayayor's office!!!

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Have we sent lots of carefully detailed emails to customerservices@tfl-buses.co.uk mentioning these problems over and over again? Have we discussed this with our councillors or Lynne? Remember how busy Lynne was over the Muswell Hill bus stop relocation, and how busy she is now getting step free access to stations. Perhaps as part of her re-election campaign she might have a word with someone?

The W3 bus service is getting worse and worse. I'm at the bus stop at 6:50 am Monday-Friday. For the past week I have been waiting 10 minutes, and then two W3 buses show up at 7am. This has happened every single day during the past week. How difficult can it be to space them so that a bus comes every 5 minutes? This means I have been missing my train at Finsbury Park. I realize 10 minutes is not a huge deal, but with Oyster fares increasing in January 2015 (I think?) and with no tube service in CE, we really need a reliable bus service and I don't think waiting 10 minutes during rush hour and then having two buses show up at the same time is a reliable service. What's worse is that Arriva's customer service is horrible - in my experience, they never respond to their customer's emails.  



In the interests of research (and getting to an opticians appointment) I took the w3 to Finsbury Park On Thursday last week. Forewarned I walked, not to the nearest stop  Weston Park. but back along the route to Tottenham Lane.

   I got a seat upstairs with no trouble. But at Weston park the top deck was full and three passengers went back downstairs to a very crowded lower deck. The lower deck was packed for the rest of the journey and the move down announcement made.
I don't believe anyone was refused a ride but judging by the tv pictures the bus was overcrowded from Weston Park to Finsbury Park.
The next bus on the arrivals board was 6 minutes away. Maybe the gaps between rush hour w3s do need shortening, but not to zero as Ella has experienced. 
Victims should write to customerservices@tfl-buses.co.uk 

I have done so on behalf of this thread, but so far no response. Is there a better way to get ion touch?

I have had a reply to the email I sent to tfl. I'm not convinced it helps.

According to the Ham and High the W3 will get two more buses per rush hour from January 30th. Two more buses per hour doesn't seem much but af full this would carry 120+ more passengers. Would that clear the queues? Has this w3 petition for more buses to Finsbury Park done the trick


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