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What can we do about the w3 servicing the N4 end of Ferme Park Road on to Finsbury Park? More buses are needed after 8am - it is impossible to get on a bus most days. The service simply can't cope with the number of people needing to use it. Arriva buses never reply, nor does the Mayayor's office!!!

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It's not a new problem.  I remember similar problems when I lived near Crouch Hill back in the mid 1990s. 

I really would like to understand why CE routes are organised as they are.  CE relies heavily on its bus services yet they seem to overly focussed on getting everyone to Finsbury Park.  Also, why does the W3 go all the way to Northumberland Park? surely Wood Green is far enough.  The distance must have an impact, as all sorts of things can go wrong on such a long route.  Didn't the old W2 travel between Wood Green and Finsbury Park (altho via The Broadway).

Was there ever a bus from CE to Highgate tube station? If there were, I am sure that it would take the pressure off by taking many in the opposite direction.  I know we have the W5 and its a valuable shopper / hospital hopper but it isn't a serious commuter resource. 

Personally, I'd love there to be a bus network that linked CE with Highgate with Hampstead.  I doubt it would be viable but its frustrating to know that the Heath and all the other things on offer aren't actually that far away yet it's difficult to get there on public transport.  Similarly CE with its renewal could benefit.

Some time ago there was an initiative (it came to nothing) to remodel the road layout of the Broadway. Both Chris Freeman (Dunns) and I suggested that the W7 bus stop outside the Town hall have the 41 and 91 routes added. Everyone queuing there during the rush hour is trying to get up to Central London and, for a reasonably large number ,the tube station they use is irrelevant. The 41 serves Archway tube (unfortunately the Northern Line!) so it would give commuter an option on their route.

I can understand what you are saying but that bus stop is crowded enough.  Buses are great to travel on when you have some time leeway.  Going to work, no! coming back .. perhaps.

What I query is why there is no reasonable service to Highgate Tube.  Is it because of Jackson's Lane which makes any through traffic difficult?  Is it because they would rather utilise the space for parking rather than a turnaround for a bus?  I would love the PW to be brought back into some sort of service.  However, I think that ship or more relevantly that monorail has .... er .. sailed/railed.  I maybe being naïve but I do think CE would benefit with better links to Highgate and Hampstead - both from a commuter and social viewpoint.

I really wasn't being at all clear yesterday! The suggestion was that commuters would have the option of the W3 to FP or the 41 to Archway to get them onto the tube, not to use the bus for the length of their journey.

On the Highgate and Hampstead accessibility question, there is of course the 210 but that would be a trot over to Hornsey Rise or a W5 ride and pick it on on Highgate Hill. What route would you envisage for a new service starting, say, outside Budgens with the constraint that it wouldn't deplete the W5 of passengers?

Crouch End does not yet have a Neighbourhood Plan but the nascent Neighbourhood Forum might soon be in a position to create one. When it does a little bit of bus stop shifting, some pedestrian zones, a revised one way system and some alternative transport links might be on the agenda. I don't know where the idea has come (The Archway Neighbourhood Forum?) from but TfL are pushing for the removal of the Archway one-way system (I have filled in the survey in the affirmative) . Crouch End might benefit from some similar thinking.

Given that almost every route out of Crouch End is uphill would chair lifts be a good idea?

Turn the Parkland Walk back into a railway?  The W3 replaced it...

Hi Ben

The W3 replaced the 233 route and that existed before the Parkland Walk was established. 

Interesting suggestion about the use of the PW though: it emerges every few years and raises the wrath of environmentalists and nature lovers. However, anything that could relieve traffic congestion should be looked at.

I wonder if a single track configuration with passing loops at stations and automated control, (like the Docklands Light Railway) could co-exist with the wonderful benefits that the Parkland walk brings?

My guess is that if it ever happens it will be in tunnel, much like the Crossrail 2 branch to Ally Pally mirrors the closed Palace Gates Line.


Yep.  but if you're going to do it you might as well do it properly - mainline gauge connecting Moorgate/King's Cross/St Pancras up to Highgate, where you can use the Northern Line trackbed to join national rail at Barnet.  Just as the Northern Heights project originally envisaged.

The W7 is just as bad. We live at the top of Crouch Hill and there's a period between 8 and 8.30am when it's basically impossible to get on a bus.

What's really annoying is the drivers who don't manage the space on the bus properly and because stupid people have all bunched up at the front they don't get them to move down or upstairs.

I'd settle for any use of the Parkland Walk - LU Overground or light rail, though has anyone suggested a tram service recently?

This would have less impact on the Parkland Walk environment, and would solve the problem of how to deal with the schools and houses that are now sited on parts of the old line (at Cranley Gdns and Muswell Hill) - the tram line could simply move onto the roads as appropriate and avoid them.

The W7 has long been one of the busiest bus routes in London, and the capacity issues meant for many years it was the most frequent service outside of the centre. TfL do know this of course, which is why back in the day the route pioneered express services and, in 2001, piloted the cashless pay-before-you-board system. If the W7/W3 are once again failing to meet demand perhaps TfL could be persuaded to look at the how-in-hell-do-you-get-out-of-Crouch-End issue again.


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