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Having just advised a friend thinking of moving to the area that the commute to the city from Crouch End is not so bad, TFL have gone and downgraded the W3 bus fleet to prove me wrong.  The rickety old buses serving the route now are dingy and uncomfortable and many years old - does anyone know why we have suffered this regression?

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pist0lpierreOct 17, 7:21pm via Twitter for iPhone

@OpinionN8 not a TfL decision, Arriva run the service. Quick internet search suggests a garage change to Wood Green is reason. Awful buses.

There also seems to be a new problem with phantom buses on the route. This is the second day this week I have stood at the bus stop on Weston Park waitin for a (rickety old) bus while, accordingto the Countdown, three buses became due and then disappeared from the list.

I also told a friend how easy the commute is from Crouch End last weekend. Do you think this is our fault?! 
I had that the other day as well - three buses that were on the board never turned up!

Transport for All are collecting complaints like this and will pass them on to TfL / the contractors. 

They do say "Transport for London (TfL) are currently testing a new coundown system for buses".

You could get in touch with them with times and dates https://www.transportforall.org.uk/contact/

I got the W3 today. It was one of the older ones but it wasn't exactly rickety! It did have the old style "bus stopping" signal though rather than the name of the stop which you get on the newer buses.
I got the W3 from Wood Green today and I thought it was going to crash over Ally Pally. The bus was KNACKERED - rusty, filthy and most definitely rickety. It's engine was straining and the driver was driving like a lunatic - I suspect to prove a point. People were flying all over the place inside, literally shouting and groaning as we careered over bumps and potholes. It was the original white-knuckle ride and I was never so glad to get off a bus. Bring on the new ones asap.

The W3 route has not been downgraded. 

The route has had to move from wood green garage to northumberland park to make way for the new double decker 29 buses when that is converted from bendi bus later this month.  The old buses are supposed to be temporary while we wait for brand spanking new buses to arrive in january at the latest.  The same model buses the 91 now uses.

They can not come soon enough as the old buses are awful to drive, extremely loud, and very awkward on the tight roads of the W3.  Lots of drivers have been refusing to take certain buses out as the state of the interior is just not up to scratch and could land us in trouble if we were to be inspected on the road by VOSA.  This will explain some of the delays you've been experiencing. But the main reason is some of these old buses are just too slow, especially getting up alexandra palace.

As for this morning (1-11-2011) there was a serious accident at the bottom of muswell hill causing severe delays getting over the palace.

Any further questions regarding the W3 i'd be happy to answer.

Thanks so much for this update W3 Driver. Can't wait for the new buses!
In Leeds the buses still have a single door so that you get on and off beside the driver. This gives passengers the opportunity to thank the driver as they leave, and many do. With separate on/off doors driving a London bus is probably a thankless task. Comments and clarifications here are always gratefully received.
Thanks so much for the info - it's great to have some insider knowledge! Roll on the new year and the new buses!!

Thanks very much. A very interesting reply, it's good to know as I've had an attack of the phantom bus's too and have trouble getting my 3 wheeler pram with two toddlers on as well!

Very excited about the new bus's I saw them at the Transport Museum and was really impressed.





According to the Ham and High the W3 will get two more buses per rush hour from January 30th. Two more buses per hour doesn't seem much but af full this would carry 120+ more passengers. Would that clear the quesues? Has this w3 petition for more buses to Finsbury Park done the trick


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