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Does anyone know how to get these quickly for the Crouch End CPZ?

I have work happening next week but it says it will take 12 days on the council website. In Islington, you could just go and pick some up.

All suggestions or help welcome!

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I recently applied for some and found they arrived more quickly than the 12 days, but probably not as soon as next week.

From this you can infer that I have some. If you are in Crouch End A then you will need two hours a day, which for the type of permit I have is two permits.

If push comes to shove you could borrow some of mine, and replace them when yours arrive. You probably need to decide tomorrow as I will be very busy at the weekend. Contact me on opinion8@rocketmail.com or just ask around your neighbours first.

If you go via our 'One Button Council' page, to the Council' parking permits section, you'll see that you can buy online - BUT, you have to register first - takes 10 days. Other options are given.

You have to love this in their registration instructions:

We have been made aware that when a resident applies for a first time resident permit on the online form that it states that the permit applied for is a Business Permit rather than a Resident Permit. Please disregard this message and continue to apply for your permit

I went to the office (with all my supporting docs) and got them the same day. 


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