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I stumped up my £5.99 a couple of weeks ago to get what Virgin call a 'super hub'to take advantage of the local upgrade to 50 Mbps download speed. 

The delivery (wait in from 8 a.m. till it arrives , may be as late as 9 p.m.) went OK, but the installation was anything but. I was on the phone for ages changing almost every setting on the new box simply in order to get it to work at all. And then using wi-fi  I was getting speeds just about the same as I was 12 months ago.

However, the button below shows the result of a thinkbroadband test today, running at over 50Mbps download and nearly 3Mbps upload, which is pretty damn good.

My Broadband Speed Test >

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I already had new router so upgrade was free and I got the same results. Let's hope the new Amercian owners don't mess it all up.

do you have a cap Adrian or is that unlimited useage?

I'm not aware of any limit on my usage, but I do know there is a general throttling when demand is high in the evenings. 

According to the website I could now upgrade to 100Mbps for 90p a month

I had an email from Virgin suggesting that I could upgrade to 100Mbps "from £0.90 per month".

It wasn't true of course. To get the upgrade for 90p I would have had to upgrade to Tivo at a one off cost of £50. Failing that it was a further £9.50 per month. So I'm still on 50Mbps, but it's still pretty good.

what is faster? downloading stuff?

surley it can only go at the speed of your PC and how good it is?

they offered me 90p which was actually £50 3 questions later! Do they think we are thick?

The graph below shows the results from the thinkbroadband speed test over slightly less than a year. It's very obvious where the increase to 50Mbps came, but the other thing that is very clear is that there is huge variability in the results. So far the average solid lines are nowhere near the promised 50Mbps, because of a number of low readings. The main cause for this came not from the performance of the pc, but of the wireless network. I am now using the Virgin superhub as my router, and provided I sit in the same room as the router I do get the promised rates, by and large. But distance from the router, and intervening walls reduce the speed markedly. Sitting in the same room as the router means I may as well use a cable to connect, which indeed I am now doing. Another computer in the house is connected by one of the wired network systems that plug into the mains, and this gives better results than wireless. So the limiting factor now seems to be the network within the house. I have just set JDs speed test running. Should have a day's results soon.


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