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I may be alone but somehow doubt it. I have a 30mbs contract. I never get more than 20mbs but I can certainly live with that. Evenings have been a different matter for months. Sometimes and getting more and more common it drops to 300kbps between 7.30pm until midnight. That is 1% of the supposed speed capacity. I complained and Virgin admitted they are having "utilisation" problems and are working on it. They offered me a £15 credit. Anyone else out there with similar issues? Could be worth a (albeit tiresome) call to Virgin support.

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A very informative graph! I've set the jackdinn auto speed tester running on my machine this morning. So far pretty steady at just under my 10Mbps but the evening results will be telling.

There is some news on the Virgin corporate front.

On the home front I installed the graphing software James identified and got this graph.

I haven't been strict about following a timetable, but what I have here together with James' graph suggests that the service performs to spec in the middle of the night and when everyone is at work. It is substantially below spec in the evenings and at weekends. I.e. its really good good except when you want to use it. Not only is it slow at busy times, but I think the yellow mountain range means it also becomes massively unpredictable.

I'm not sure about the value of complaining - the Virgin t's and c's state (point 4 subsection b)

     b. Due to the nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee specific levels of performance for Internet access.

                     which seems like a pretty comprehensive get out.

Virgin also reserves the right to cut you down to half speed if you actually download meaningful amounts of stuff.

Ofcom's voluntary code of conduct seems to say it's too complicated for consumers too understand, and we (Ofcom) don't really want to get involved!

Though actually I'm not surprised - when broadcasters began to say they'd do away with schedules and allow everything to be viewed on demand, I did wonder whether the bits of wire would be thick enough. 

Interesting you have the same profile but I am not surprised.  I agree there their contract is so heavily caveated that it is meaningless. I expect some degradation in evenings.  However the question is when does it become so bad it makes the service not fit for purpose?  

I was hoping that I would get more people locally with the same issues and then could get more leverage.  Loads of people claiming their £15 discount would soon register.

Unfortunately I think there is one basic problem:  Virgin offer a TV service often bundled in with phone and broadband.  I have opted out of the TV and phone because I wanted to cut my monthly bill in half and, anyway, I don't see why I should pay for TV when there is Freeview.  If I want on demand I use iPlayer.  Virgin will obviously want to protect the TV service and it runs on the same bit of wire.

Virgin will be aware of this and so broadband users will be given lower priority.

I have cast around on other blogs and it seems Virgin is common with other providers in having severe utilisation issues in evenings so I expect this will not be fixed when they say - this is a stock answer.  We'll see but I think probably the best I can do is live with it, diarise a monthly phone call and a monthly £15 off until the end of my contract in Oct, and then try pot-luck with BT.

Yep... I too have been plagued by the virgin broadband blues with intermittent drop of service. 

I ALLWAYS ring them when it happens since money off is the only way, and ringing them every time it happens is the only way to get the money off.

Those who use it in the day time may have service interruptions almost every day as they are trying to fix the problem over the last 3 month... They keep on promising me dates it will be fixed, but at this point who can trust anything they say. In the beginning of March it was the 11th of March on the 12 of March it was the 4th of April - when I threatened to leave, it became 28th of march - Lets face it they'll say anything to get you off the phone...

I just wish they'll do their tests at night! or tell us in advance when they are cutting us off. After all this is all scheduled work, rather then dealing with the unplanned fault. 

The Ham and High are still gathering info on this for a story. If anyone wants to sound off about their experiences call their reporter Flora on 020 7433 6209. The more public discontent the better, I reckon!

3rd April has come and gone.  No improvement.  I am so naive.

There are always issues with my broadband and everytime I call support, I'm informed they are trying to fix a fault in the area.  Mine's been off for two days now. 

Hooray. Virgin have agreed to early termination of my contract for free.  Only problem is I have to wait 30 days.  They also could not confirm when the technical upgrades necessary to solve this will be completed.  Can anyone recommend another service that works?

Sorry to say goodbye to Virgin after several years.  Now I have Talktalk and a broadband connection that is steady at 8mbps and working. Only day 1 but so far so good.

Perhaps I should keep quiet but anyone out there who is frustrated by their ISP.  I have now changed to Talktalk and so far, so good after a week.  Rock solid 12mbps round the clock and a very good tv system in the bargain.  Not bad support either (as the BT Openreach engineers wired up the phone line incorrectly at first).


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