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I may be alone but somehow doubt it. I have a 30mbs contract. I never get more than 20mbs but I can certainly live with that. Evenings have been a different matter for months. Sometimes and getting more and more common it drops to 300kbps between 7.30pm until midnight. That is 1% of the supposed speed capacity. I complained and Virgin admitted they are having "utilisation" problems and are working on it. They offered me a £15 credit. Anyone else out there with similar issues? Could be worth a (albeit tiresome) call to Virgin support.

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you are certainly not alone.  had credit before christmas because service so poor and took 4 weeks to fix proparly.  has been intermitent for about 2 weeks again and so sick of it.  calls take forever.  we are on Landrock and i know people on Bourne and Aubrey having same issues.  Keep meaning to change supplier........

I am a Landrocker too.  They told me there is a fix due by 3 April.  I guess you could claim another credit.  Pass it on!

I use Virgin for three mobile phones, TV, landline and broadband. So I am fairly committed to them. If I could I would drop the landline. I don't need four telephone lines, in fact for myself I barely need one. Except to take the 'you must claim your PPI back' calls!

The broadband is generally pretty good - the graph below shows increased download speeds over a period of years, entirely without my intervention - Virgin have simply upgraded me for no noticeable extra cost. So broadly I am happy with them. A quibble arises perhaps over the choking they do in the evenings. I've recently taken to watching the 'Walking Dead' over the internet. This can be a painful process unless one sets the episode running and then leaves it for a long time for buffering. I did this the other day at around midday, rather than in the evening, and entire episodes downloaded in seconds, rather than the hour or so I had got used to in the evening. The Virgin restrictions, which I guess are a form of bandwidth sharing over many users, have a very dramatic effect. I've just done a speed test (7:15pm) and instead of my typical 9.something Mbps I got 4.77. This seems to have a disproportionate effect on download times - I guess if I don't do some sort of timely handshake the server gets bored and serves someone else?

So, similar issues, but nothing like as bad as 1%!

I have moved to Vonage VOIP to avoid the line rental.  Gets tricky when you can't rely on the broadband.  My theory is they throttle broadband to protect their video on demand service.  Anyway they say there is a fix due by 3 April.  Let's see.  Otherwise I might have to change if they will let me.

Hello fellow Landrockers! We had a dreadful time with Virgin about a week or so ago. No internet or TV for a weekend. They refunded a month's worth of money but I'd rather not have the hassle to begin with. I think the Ham & High are thinking of running a story on it: talk to Flora there if you want revenge to share your experiences with the world...

Tell the Ham and High if you please (rumoured circulation c4,000) or just carry on posting here (potential readership 2,405,518,376).

Its shocking isn't it that here in Fairfield Road (350 yards from Landrock) there was no weekend loss as Jo describes. Somewhere in the street between here and there is a loose connection. Why can't they replace it? Why can't they reroute through another box? When I will suffer from a loose connection? Maybe the BT Openreach van parked even now opposite my house is severing Virgin cables!

thanks Jo - was in middle of replying to your post and Guess flipping what???  internet went down!

Just rang to speak to v unhelpful lady who said nothing she could do and read from screens that area fault and we would have intermittent service until 19th march. not happy.  will speak to hornsey journal aswell as make formal complaint to virgin.  am trying to run business and internitent is not good enough.

angry in crouch end 

I have been complaining to Virgin for nearly three years. Fixes keep being promised. It has got better but I am not techy enough to measure speeds but do know when it drops out. This week twice during the day. Sometimes before Christmas it would drop out four of five times a day.

that is v similar to us - do you live near Landrock road by any chance?  This area seems particularly bad and we had the same probs before christmas.

The story gets better and better at our house. Our upstairs neighbours have been offline for the whole week, and it turns out this is because the man who came to fix our fault disconnected their line in the process! You couldn't make it up.

I don't think it's just Landrock. Uplands Road is just as bad, with the same intermittent unreliable connection. I heard from a friend that someone she knows in Muswell Hill was lacking internet and television for the whole of the Christmas period too.

Have you seen this initiative on the Haringey website?

Are there enough of you in the area to go to a supplier, Virgin or not, and demand a better deal. Same money perhaps, but more reliable?

I am attaching my virgin broadband performance over a 24 hour period (taken yesterday).  I have a 30mbps contract.


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