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Vacant or underused A-hem, A-hem - #HTHBaddeal #HTHStitchup - we don't think so

The full list of documents to be submitted to the planning committee which will consider FEC's* planning application can be found on this Haringey Hornsey Town Hall Planning Committee Agenda page.

There is a lot of documentation on this page. Here we can barely scratch the surface of it. Let's continue by looking at the contribution made to our understanding by Hemant Amin . His contribution appears on page 2 of the Internal Consultations. He's just plain wrong, so I can just re-use what I wrote before. There is a formal request from the Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum on the planning application asking that Hem's comments be corrected. They have not been, they form part of the basis for granting this application.

Why even ULL, apologists for FEC , have provided a useful list of some 43 (of the reported 73) of the employers, employing some 100 - 130 employees (vacant and underused, indeed). Admittedly they (ULL) do then go to make the exaggerated claim that the new uses of the building will result in 397 jobs, but I don't think we are really expected to believe that.

I'm disappointed than that Hem makes such a pig's ear of his assessment of the Hornsey Town Hall planning application. Hornsey Town Hall has been intensively and successfully used as a creative hub for the past two years. Under the excellent 'meanwhile' management of ANA the creative hub in the Town Hall has grown to 73 companies employing 150 people. Not only creative (e.g. Wolffepack) but also support, design and professional services. Not as Hem states "the former Town Hall has largely been vacant or underused in employment terms for many years."

Hem also states "The proposed development is likely to generate overall more jobs and a wider range of jobs including entry-level job particularly in the hospitality/catering sector." But it just isn't. The hotel he seems to believe will be created has gone, to be replaced by bed sits which will need cleaning occasionally. Any restaurants in the Square will bankrupt lesser establishments on the periphery of Crouch End, leading to no net gain in jobs.

And anyway, Joe Goldberg, a man who collects a Special Responsibility Allowance for Economic Development, Social Inclusion and Sustainability, wrote in Haringey's Economic Growth Strategy :

"We have been seen as a dormitory borough with insufficient focus on local job creation" - turning Hornsey Town Hall into a huge dormitory at the expense of small businesses is not consistent with Joe's strategy.

And elsewhere in the strategy Haringey wants to become a "More Dynamic Borough" , by which they mean, inter alia:

"The profile of Haringey-based jobs changes so that retail and public sector employment are less dominant, and there is a better range of jobs, including a greater proportion of jobs in more highly skilled sectors, such as sustainable technology, digital design and skilled/craft manufacturing"

The tenants currently in Hornsey Town Hall have achieved exactly the desired mix of jobs that Haringey aspires to. Hem really does need to think again. Maybe he should actually have visited the Town Hall.

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