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Yesterday I was told by Haringey's planners that, in the interests of road safety, raised sections of road had been created at the ends of Wolsely and Shanklin Roads. Today these reports appear on Facebook. The reports are anecdotes and do  not form a statistical trend. 

Around 9am this morning a cyclist was hit by a car turning from Park Rd into Shanklin Rd. There was a few people standing around and very helpful. I called the ambulance. The police attended first. Usually I am really pleased with the police, but this time I was very surprised.... The police officer was telling witnesses, that they are not needed and should go. One witness left as she was told to do so, without giving her details. I decided to give the cyclist my card, when finally the second police officer took my name and number. I felt like I 
About 4:30pm I passed by the end off Wolseley Road on the W7 going to Muswell Hill, and saw a woman face down in a straight line on the road along the curb with her toes standing pointed to the tarmac. She was being assisted by Ambulance crew and had concerned witnesses watching around her. It appeared that she had been knocked off her bicycle as she had a bicycle helmet on her head. I really hope that she is going to be alright. Does anyone else know what happened, and if she will be ok? It was awful to see her lying there like that in the dark
had to be extremely adamant and forceful to give them my account. 
 Very bizarre. I hope the cyclist is ok. I called the Whittingdon to check but was told they can not share any information.
The image is taken from the Ulster Herald and is included simply to make this post more lurid.

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