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Sadiq Khan really is making an effort with air quality.  We already have a glimpse of our future travelling on foot or by bike and right now the Mayor is consulting on an extension to the Low Emission Zone. Extending it not only outwards to not-quite-include the North and South Circular Roads, but extending it too to include cars and motorbikes.

The full proposals can be found on the TfL consultation website where there is a chance to respond to carefully chosen questions. 

Some highlights include:

The emissions standards for light vehicles will be:

  • Diesel cars, vans, minibuses and similar vehicles – Euro 6 NOx and PM
  • Petrol cars, vans and similar vehicles – Euro 4 NOx
  • Motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and similar vehicles – Euro 3 NOx

Luckily the pages in question explain what these Euro numbers are and a slightly patronising look up is provided to determine if your vehicle meets the necessary standard.

The graph below shows the sources of NOX in Greater London in 2013 and the reference to Arctic HGVs.

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....and the reference to Arctic HGVs. 

I understand that this is one of the main reasons for the retreat of the ice caps.


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