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Two award winning food shops for lucky Crouch End - Morley Butchers and Purkiss Fishmongers

I like Crouch End's shopping centre and do what I reasonably can to spend my money there, rather than with Amazon or Ocado or ScrewFix. Food shopping in CE is particularly easy. The convenience stores are wonderfully convenient and well stocked with fresh and long shelf life stuff. We have a Real electrical store. Ladies clothes shops abound, and Cult and there are more men's shops now than in the past. 

Slow Food London (an idea, a way of living and a way of eating) has  published a list of freely voted for good food retailers and CE has two winners among the list.

The Slow Food London Best Butcher 2014 Winner is Morley Butchers, Crouch End.

The Slow Food London Best Fishmonger 2014 Winner is Walter Purkiss, Crouch End

I can heartily recommend both and am pleased to say I have shopped at both in the last week.


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Agreed, plus if you're willing to do a little walking you can pick-up fresh fruit and veg and the same, branded, everyday food items at the convenience stores on Tottenham Parade for less than the supermarkets on the Broadway.

I priced red peppers from Tesco the other day at 4 times the price of the ones down the Turkish shops on Tottenham Parade - plus the Turkish peppers were grown in Spain and not in the twilight of Holland, better all round.

Neither of these shops is any good for a vegetarian like me!

Congratulations to both of you... well deserved (ignore the moaning & negative comments), there are plenty of people in CE who appreciate how lucky they are to have all of their super independent stores.  

We are incredibly lucky to have these two fabulous shops in Crouch End, I have been using them both for many years.  The taste and quality of the meat/ fish is 10 times better than anything supermarkets provide. Whilst the meat may appear a bit more expensive, if you consider the actual meat content (as opposed to the chemical-laden water supermarket meat has pumped into it and the high fat content), the price you pay for the actual meat is much the same.  Before I tried the meat/ fish from these shops I was used to supermarket products which are so inferior in taste. 

btw Clocktower Stores is also brilliant - such a superb range of fruit/ vegetables in one easy, small place, and free range eggs are FAR cheaper than in the supermarkets.

Please, use our local shops rather than the supermarkets/ online. If you don't our local shops will close through lack of business adding to the growing number of empty shops we already have.

I agree with the positive comments here. We have a brilliant range of local food shops; visitors from other areas are amazed at the range and quality and value of fresh food available. My parents-in-law live in a suburb of Birmingham and when they come to stay they love trawling the shops for treats they can't buy locally OR in big supermarkets. We really appreciate being able to buy exactly the amount of this or that needed for a meal - much less wasteful than supermarket pre-packed goods. Thank you to all the local traders who put in the hard work, long hours and financial risk to keep these shops going and contribute so much character to the area. 

I accept that the butcher and the fishmonger seem to sell good quality food but as a vegetarian they do not interest me. Clocktower stores is one of my favourite Crouch End shops and Crouch End Supermarket further along the road is also good But few of the Crouch End supermarkets offer value for money and I find myself going more and more  to  Muswell Hill's  Sainsburys or Lidl, Wilko and Sainsburys in Wood Green for breakfast cereals, dairy products and in particular  basic cleaning products. Washing powder which costs £4 in Wilkos is often  £8 in Waitrose!

And don't get me started on clothing! If it weren't for the excellent charity shops, I'd buy nothing to wear in Crouch End. Far too expensive and we're not all made of money!

Stick to the charity shops - I never buy anything new and have some fantastic clothes and shoes! No one ever notices their origin. I agree about the washing powder - can't get a large one either locally. So Sainsbury's in MH it is.

Can't agree more - we must use these shops to support them. We also have a good baker's Dunn's. We used to have a paintshop but he closed several years ago. Now I have to cycle to Stevens in Holloway Rd (or Colney Hatch Lane but oh that hill!) to buy paint.  Use them or lose 'em! We are very fortunate.


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