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What's the point of . . . .

  • following thousands of people who tweet? I dont have time to look at all the tweets of the few hundred I do follow, so it is purely a matter of chance if I see something interesting.
  • being followed by a very great many people who follow you on twitter? I can see why, for example, Simon Pegg has many followers - he's famous, and there is a cult of celebrity, and its very important to know what he saw whilst walking his dog! But do all those followers look at all my tweets? Possibly not. So it's just a matter of chance if they see any one of them, and a matter of even smaller chance if any one of them is of any interest.
  • being followed by/ following a pattern designer in Wisconsin? or a biking nut in Michigan?
  • producing something like paper.li ? I think I know the naswer to this one - the automated collation of many references in one place will aid the serendipitous discovery of the genuinely informative tweet.


Despite my reservations I have to admit that twitter does seem to work, and I am genuinley grateful to all those I'v #ff'd today. More to follow.

And I am actually interested in an answer to any or all of the above questions.


And one more question - has IE9 got a spell checker?

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