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TRAID stitches up fashion waste in Hornsey Town Hall Art Installation

This article on the Huffington Post about Daniella Maria's art installation in Hornsey Town Hall neatly sums up the state of play at our iconic landmark:

Built in 1935 to house the local council, it is an incredible example of modernist architecture, stripped of the fripperies and classicism of Victoriana and built to embody civic pride and hope. Ironically, after the council moved out in 1966, this robustly municipal building saw years of closure and broken promises about opening it up for public use.

Today, it couldn't be more different. The town hall is full of the hum and excitement of art, music, theatre, dance and workshops, and for local people, it still feels thrilling to be able to just walk in and access their local architectural heritage.

For the article written by  Head of Communications at the London-based fashion reuse charity TRAID this is the introduction to a series of workshops in the Town Hall which she describes:

At a series of free workshops supported by the fashion reuse charity TRAID, the public have been invited to help sew together waste textiles to make a huge river of colour, pattern and texture. As part of its sustainable education programme, TRAIDhas also invited local schools to take part giving young people the chance to investigate the impacts of fashion outside of the classroom. The final piece will flow through Hornsey Town Hall symbolising the river of surplus and waste which usually goes unseen by the consumer.

Take your chance to try this unusual approach to art, re-use and Hornsey Town Hall try these Traid art events , which if I've worked the dates out correctly next happen on 24th and 25th October

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