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I've never really worried about what our local shopping area streets are called, or where this parade ends and that parade begins, but I've had cause to look it up today.

According to Google and google maps:

  • Morley's the butcher is on Broadway Parade
  • Singhar Beauty is on Topsfield Road
  • Virgin Active is on Topsfield Parade
  • North London Hospice Shop is on Topsfield Road
  • The Post Office is on Topsfield Road
  • Soup Dragon is at 27 Tottenham Lane
  • MP4 is on both Topsfield Road and Topsfield Parade
  • Most of the businesses on the same side as Morley's are on Broadway Parade but not the RSPCA which is on Tottenham Lane
  • Beam is on Topsfield Close

Who knows, perhaps all these things can be true.

Apparently "HVJG+6V Crouch End, London" is a plus code.

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