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To boldly go - Clive Carter to Northumberland Park - #HDV @2billiongamble

Every item that Clive Carter has added to this website has been carefully and thoughtfully researched. If he has made mistakes, they have not been due to carelessness or sloppy thinking. I feel sure that his decision to stand as a candidate for councillor in Northumberland Park has been given just as much thought and care. His letter below has been taken from page 22 of the Ham and High e-edition of 16th November 2017. I hope OCR has rendered it correctly.

I am delighted to report that I've been selected by my party to contest the Northumberland Park Ward in the May 2018 Haringey Local Elections. 

I've been happy to help represent the relatively 'safe' LibDem Highgate Ward, but the time has now come to take on a bigger challenge in a much tougher, Labour-held seat, on the opposite side of the Borough. My motivation for this can be summed up in the three letters that are becoming familiar to Haringey's residents: HDV. 
A decision about the lawfulness of this "Haringey Development Vehicle" is currently awaited from the High Court. 
In recent weeks, the HDV has been alluded to by Jeremy Corbyn — in his recent Conference speech—by the Prime Minister at PMQs and by the former Chancellor of the Exchequer as Evening Standard editor. Remarkably, the senior Conservative used his Editorial last week to back the local New Labour Council Leader (Cllr. Kober) in her re-selection. 
The background to the recent, sensational letter about Haringey affairs from former Cabinet Member Cllr. Stuart McNamara to his leader, was the same issue. Some months ago, Cllr. McNamara publicly warned that the HDV could bankrupt our council; the cross-party scrutiny committee has grave reservations, but all this is disregarded by the New Labour Cabinet. 
The HDV is simply too big, too risky and too complicated. And immoral. I feel strongly that the HDV is of great significance and is the defining issue in the whole borough. 
However, the impact of it would fall first and foremost on Northumberland Park Estate residents. 
Across Tottenham High Road. another council estate would alco be largely demolished under the so-called 'High Road West' scheme. This is currently being run-down. To the north, the busy Peacock Industrial estate would be wiped out, seemingly because it's unfashionable. 
Between the two schemes, the Council would place approximately three billion pounds worth of regeneration business with a single company. 
Labour have now selected their candidates for Northumberland Park Ward. Regrettably, two of them support the HDV and one of them was rash enough to be seen and heard on video in 2013, as sayig
The second riots that we've just had was the best thing that's happened in Tottenham for a while. 
The then-mayor has since apologised, but something like the HDV may have been in her mind even then. A few months later, Haringey representatives attended the big MiPiM property show in Cannes. 
A council of a different complexion will be elected in May. 
It's time that residents of Northumberland Park had a coherent voice, in opposition to the HDV and to speak up for their wider interests, so long neglected and taken for granted. A strong, independent voice that the Liberal Democrats are proud to provide. 

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Thanks Adrian;

I can supply a PNG image of it, too (click to enlarge) :

So true he was deselected by Lib Dems in Highgate?

UNTRUE, “Claire” —fake news!

IT DOES not look good to be deselected by one’s own Party, as some in Labour have been.

I put my name forward only for Northumberland Park and am pleased to have been selected by the Liberal Democrat Party to stand in that Ward. I might say it's an action deep behind enemy lines but with so many friends and offers of support there, it'll be a campaign on fertile ground!


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