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Thriving or not in Crouch End - Hot Pepper Jelly vs Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Hot Pepper Jelly is a Crouch End Favourite - many rave about it. And now it has bespoke cups and saucers - thanks for the photo to N8crouchend.


But Gourmet Burger Kitchen is closing down - thanks for the unconfirmed gossip to Clairywoowoo. She describes that corner spot as "doomed" and certainly I can remember several short lived businesses in there - there was a very upmarket fish and chip shop, the chap from the Music Palace ran a restaurant there for a time, and long ago you could buy hardware. Businesses on the site do seem short lived.

For myself I won't miss GBK - the customer service experience, where you have to order at a till, like McDonalds, but have to pay waiter/ess prices feels like an unhappy combination to me - its another place I went into only once.


Verso the clothes shop almost opposite GBK also has a huge To Let board up. Looks like another business failure. MeMe too has gone, to be replaced by yet another charity shop - this time for animals - seems a shame to spread the charity even thinner when there are so many people oriented charities in place already.


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I went into to GBK only once too.  We were the only ones there and it was not a happy place.  I'm pretty sure that Crouch End can stand another charity shop though, there's good things to be had in them I find.  I'd rather leaf through a rack of all sorts of stuff than have another dreary over-priced boutique where you pay a million quid for something brown.

Yes I agree it's sad. when businesses close. GBK had good food but the business idea of McDonald's type paying to my mind is mad - it sets up completely the wrong mindset for what otherwise would fell like a reasonable restaurant with pretty good burgers and highish prices. I went to a GBK in the City and couldn't believe they expected me to pre-order at the till, given the prices they charge.

As a general point though, why don't Crouch End business club together to compile a joint directory, or brochure/ leaflet about themselves and distribute it locally (including things like an explanation of how the CPZ works and how it's easier for shoppers to park nowadays), and a big message of 'use us or lose us'. I'm sure plenty of people who live in the area aren't familiar with all that Crouch End shops have to offer and haven't got into the habit of using them. Crouch End shops need to market  themselve. Budgens do it on their own, so if the shops clubbed together I'm sure the cost would be manageable.


Alison - As a general point though, why don't Crouch End business club togetherThe Crouch End Project exists to serve this sort of purpose. I guess their publicity has not reached you, or what they are doing is not what you want. I can see nothing about parking, but Budgen's contributes to this project as well as doing ts own thing.

I have used my CEP card to get 20% off an MoT test at MEB motors.

Other offers are accessible from here 


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