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The storm before the traffic calming - modal filters ahoy - @haringeycouncil

At least it looks like the debris from a storm. The gated access to New Road from Park Road has gone, shortly to be replaced by a modal filter. Apparently the gate would never have been used anyway, it would have been quicker for the emergency services to drive around, rather than stop and open it, find out who owned all the cars blocking the road, and get them moved.

There was a proposal from Haringey back in November to do this work. It was offered in conjunction with the work on the planter outside Niddle Noddle. If you follow the link you can see a diagram of what was proposed, which has now been simplified slightly. The planter that was proposed has been dropped from the plans, and the two trees are now to be on opposite sides of the cycle access. Fair enough I suppose, but neither Katrine from Niddle Noddle who ran the petition nor I, who went to the meeting in Wood green, have heard anything since. One wonders how the plans have changed for the Park Road/Middle Lane junction.

Perhaps this modal filter (a set up which allows some modes of traffic to pass, but not others) is a precursor to the Liveable Neighbourhoods Initiative which might or might not still be on the cards for the area.

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