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The stationary finger points, and having pointed gets updated

Is Crouch End well signposted? If not should it be? What I mean is , not that there should be signs pointing to Crouch End from hundreds of miles away, like there are for Land's End, John o'Groats and the National Exhibition Centre, but that, once here there should be signs that help you find a decent butcher, a vendor of fake street signs saying Hogwarts, or somewhere to have a wee.

My own view is that CE is quite lacking on such things and that the addition of a few would be of some benefit.

I was in a town called Citta della Pieve recently and the technique they have adopted involves QR codes and a little narrative. Quite clever really because if the place you are pointing to stops being a faux Hogwarts vendor and becomes an estate agent cum nail bar, all that's needed is to change the web page the QR code points to show the new details. And quite discriminatory of course against (or possibly in favour of ) those who don't own smartphones. 

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