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In an excellent piece in G2 on Tuesday 9th May, Polly Toynbee wrote about how the public realm in the UK has been under sustained attack and has been gradually retreating to the point where civic pride is seen weird or an aberration from market orthodoxy.
As she develops her theme, she gets to the heart of why so many people are angry at the disposal of Hornsey Town Hall. Polly’s article included this paragraph ...
What is the social glue that binds us to Britishness if not the things we share collectively? Government underpins pride in who we are. When fine old town halls from Sheffield to Hornsey, north London, are sold off as boutique hotels, when councils sell slices of parks, when libraries and local museums close, we lose what defines us. Contracts with Capita, Virgin, Sodexo and the rest are written on water. The sale of everything from power stations, property and basic transport systems to foreign powers is a form of treason other countries resist.

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