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So it looks like Fat Cat Bistro is no more (bailiff sign in the window this morning - doors locked), a mere month after opening - pretty shocking really.


With Bouga falling apart week by week, the Rocking Chair Cafe remaining empty and work on the "renovated" Honeymoon completely halted, what on earth is going on, food-wise, in that little strip?

Can anyone shed any light on Bouga, Honeymoon and Fat Cat?


Banners, Monkey Nuts and Bar Esteban prove that there's money to be made in the area, but maybe rents are too high for new start ups? If you don't hit the ground running (as Tootoomoo and Esteban did) it looks like your days are numbered.

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We moved out of the area last year after 11 years and I always find it depressing to come back, mainly because I miss the area but also because it seems so dead on the streets. I can't believe that Rock Around The Clock is shutting - we bought so many instruments for the kids there and the service was always great. 

One of the problems is that although people always state how much they love Crouch End's "boutiques and independent shops" yet places like Costa and Starbucks are packed out, whilst the Rocking Chair was gathering dust. People are more likely to go to Tesco's than the superb Crouch End Food Centre. 

We have moved to Friern Barnet (we have a child with special needs and Rokesly left a lot to be desired in that area) and although it is pretty baron when compared to the 'End there is a real sense of community here that I felt had gone in N8. For instance the library was shut here by the council and was occupied by the local residents until the council gave in and gave the residents a grant to run it. I wonder if that would have happened in Crouch End? I think there is a complacency as it is known as a "trendy" area that it will be fine. 

I drad to think what the Broadway will look like in 20 years from now..

Hey Jon,

Yeah, it is true that there is a slight sense of trend. People sometimes don't realise that in order to have a nice independent shops they actually need to go and spend money there. It's very tough for small business right now (being one myself)...thanks for your comment. I am an hopeless optimist though and believe that more and more people will realise this in near future. :)

couldn't agree more! one of the things that makes crouch end high street so lovely is the density of smaller local shops and restaurants, and not just chains (as opposed to highgate, for example). also having moved from finsbury park recently to open my own business (my creche on crouch hill) i'm blown away by the sense of support and community at the small business to small business level. 

I could not disagree more Jon.  I have never thought Crouch end seemed dead on teh streets - infact I think it is a lot more lively than 11 years ago in lots of ways.  We have lived here for more than 20 years with children of various ages and pre kids and love it.  Tescos is ususally pretty empty although Waitrose is busy but lots of people do suplement waitrose shopping with shopping from independent shops, as do i.  Rocking horse cafe did shut but lots of independent cafes are thriving.  Beam only opened a few months ago and is packed every day. 

And my kids all either went to or are at rokesly and these days parents with Special needs kids tell me it is great. and it has certainly been amazing for my kids.  

Hi - I hope you are right, as I still consider myself as a Crouch Ender despite the move. And the coffee from My kind of coffee is unsurpassed...

I should also stress that the Senco at Rokesly Infants was brilliant, but we were disappointed with the help he got from the Juniors - he is really thriving at his new school so worth moving for that alone..

We all miss the area, and hope one day to return - I just hope that the independent vibe is still on the Broadway when we do, and is not a succession of mobile phone shops and bland chains.

Thanks for getting back on it  David!!

Mornin' All

The Bouga rubbish has been cleaned up: the people that did the work (and it was pretty horrible!) are too modest to let me say who they were but I am sure everyone would like to say a big Thank You to them.



Brilliant!!! Thank you David!!


Many thanks for your support and to those who cleaned up the rubbish. Oli

Thank you for getting it sorted and thank you to those that did the clearing.

Hi David, 

the Bouga rubbish is coming back, and someone is clearly sleeping in the bit outside. Can the owner perhaps block the open bit at the front, and eliminate the whole problem? Would you be able to check? 

Hi Anette

I went past it yesterday and had a look - it was clear then: has there been an overnight stay?




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