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FOR the purpose of public information, I publish below a list of the known, remaining supporters on the Council of the Haringey Development Vehicle (“HDV”)—i.e. a sub-set of the Council Labour Group.

This follows at least two Labour Group meetings this year that voted on the subject. All voting about this public matter, took place in private, behind closed doors.

At the time of writing (21 August 2017), I believe the list to be accurate.

I've put the names in alphabetical order. I have bolded those who are currently Members of the Council Cabinet, as they have a special responsibility for policy (for the Crouch End Cllrs., I've added an asterisk for local interest). I have not included as a supporter, those Members who abstained on the matter.

I have no wish to misrepresent anyone and would apologise to anybody who is mistakenly included on this list or, by mistake, is not included. If any Member would like to be added or removed from this list, I undertake to correct the mistake or omission as quickly as possible.


Cllr. Kaushika Amin

Cllr. Jason Arthur *

Cllr. Eugene Ayisi

Cllr. Dhiren Basu

Cllr. Barbara Blake

Cllr. Clare Bull

Cllr. Joanna Christophides

Cllr. Ali Demirci

Cllr. Natan Doron *

Cllr. Sarah Elliot *

Cllr. Tim Gallagher

Cllr. Joe Goldberg

Cllr. Eddie Griffith

Cllr. Claire Kober

Cllr. Toni Mallet

Cllr. Jennifer Mann

Cllr. Stephen Mann

Cllr. Peter Mitchell

Cllr. Ali Gull Ozbek

Cllr. James Patterson

Cllr. Shiela Peacock

Cllr. Lorna Reith

Cllr. Raj Sahota

Cllr. Alan Strickland

Cllr. Bernice Vanier

Cllr. Ann Waters

Cllr. Elin Weston

Cllr. Charles Wright

Errors and Omissions Excepted



Note: the total number of Members of Haringey Council is 57  (3 Councillors x 19 Wards)

Source: based on this note and the inverse of this earlier list of Labour Councillors who do not support the HDV policy. And, updated to today's date, by private research for subsequent adjustment.


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Tuesday morning, 22 August: I've updated the list for two omissions plus one request for removal (an abstention in the June vote).

  Can't see the updated list.  Who were the 2 you added?

  The list is not accurate as it omits (as of 9 October 2017) Cllr Peray Ahmet and Cllr Joseph Ejifor. Both of them are on the Cabinet (Cllr Ejifor only recently), and both voted for Lend Lease being preferred bidder for the Love lane regeneration - sometimes referred to as "High Road West".  See 9 October 2017 attendance list and minutes.

Please re-read the headline. It says #Sub-set of Councillors supporting the HDV. Nowhere does it mention High Road West. The list refers to Labour Group meetings and votes therein on the HDV.

It is correct that more recently, Cabinet Members Cllrs. Ahmet and Eijofor supported the (separate) High Road West proposal that involves the same developer, LendLease. That support will have come as a disappointment to many, who were looking for leadership on this matter.

(NB the so-called High Road West scheme includes the Peacock Industrial Estate).

Your list is still inaccurate.  At the 14 Feb 2017 Cabinet Cllr Peray Ahmet voted in favour of HDV and the preferred partner being Lend Lease.  She voted for the HDV in 2016 Cabinet meetings.  Your list is inaccurate.

I'm satisfied the list is as accurate as I can make it given it is in any event, an informal list on my sources and soundings

It's my best information of the most recent Council Labour Group voting on the subject of the HDV (in June). I hold no brief for Cllr. Ahmet but would wish to be fair and accurate. While she may well have voted for the HDV on previous occasions, I understand that at the June Labour Group meeting, she abstained and therefore cannot be grouped with those who voted for the HDV, and shouldn't be classed as a supporter. (I of course note her recent, regrettable support for the High Road West Scheme involving LendLease).

I invite you to ask Cllr. Ahmet directly about her voting record and where she stands today, but then in order to be fair to all, you ought to canvass all the Labour Councillors, as some may have changed their mind since June. I think one has to allow for formal changes of mind (expressed through voting or otherwise), regardless of how credible they may be.

As a Member of the Council, my multiple sources are not too shabby, but of course you're at liberty to compile your own list. And of course, to continue repeating your (inaccurate) claim that my list is inaccurate.

I would like to think that today, fewer Labour Councillors support the HDV; as I said at the Pensioners Action Group meeting, I've observed waning support for the HDV throughout this year.

 The Cabinet meeting on 20 June 2017 did not have a vote on the HDV at all.  The key issue on 20 June was the Cabinet's in principle decision to relocate Highgate Library into Jackson's Lane Arts Centre and sell of Highgate Library.   Cllr Ahmet voted for the in principle decision to sell off Highgate Library and I know because I was there.  You really should get your facts right. 

Cllr Carter is talking about the Labour Group meetings. Not the Cabinet.

Yes, exactly.

And had the Labour Group meeting not supported the HDV, it couldn't have reached Cabinet anyway.

Another aspect is that the matter of the HDV has never come before a meeting of the Full Council.

Due to the lack of democracy and the concealment and obfuscation that pervades the HDV, the matter will be coming to the High Court next Wednesday.

The stakes are high.

The Claimant Mr. Gordon Peters wrote and kindly sent to me his summary of the case that I’ve posted on OpinioN8, here.

Note Mr. Peter's fourth point: 

In summary the claims are challenging:

the decision to establish the HDV as constituting a strategic move on behalf of the Council not having been taken to full Council.


You really should get your facts right. 

Do you know the difference between a (political party) Group meeting and a (Council) Cabinet meeting? You may be confusing the two. The former is in private and the latter is in public (webcast). Please re-read my original post and the links, carefully.

Of course I know the difference between Labour Group and Cabinet.  I have got my facts correct and it's a pity you did not bother to read what I wrote more carefully: what I said is that Cllr Ahmet has supported the HDV as her voting at Cabinet meetings shows.  Even if she abstained in some internal meeting, I am concerned about what Cabinet members do because Cabinet (as you correctly note) are the people who vote on the HDV as full Council is not allowed to do so.  Cllr Ahmet voted for the HDV and (in Feb 2017 Cabinet) for Lend Lease being the partner. She then was absent from the 2 July Cabinet meetings when the HDV was discussed again.  So my information about her voting record on the HDV in Cabinet meetings remains accurate.

I don't want to continue this as it is pointless and unnecessary but would note that there was no Cabinet meeting on 2nd July (it being a Sunday); to be accurate, the Cabinet Meeting you probably mean was on 3rd July (here).


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