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The Raised Bed outside Niddle Noddle to be removed?

Who knew? Does anyone have any more details?

Katrine Camillo of Niddle Noddle has started  a petition to prevent the removal. I might pop round and see her later, if I remember.

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Looks very similar to our nice planting area on Palace Gates Road/Crescent Road junction - good to keep. https://www.flickr.com/photos/47046427@N03/33656044282/in/album-721...

Part of a post war initiative by Hornsey to brighten up the borough. You can find the "Beauty in the Borough" film from 1959 here -


Muswell Hill recently got rid of the planters outside the Odeon in a desire for something more bleak and concrete.

Does the desire for something more bleak and concrete stem from the need to cut back on the maintenance that green spaces (and stems), need. The green in front of the town hall has recently been offloaded, possibly, at least in part, for the same reason.

This is not a very extensive consultation, local shopkeepers have received the letter below. The deadline for comments is 5th November to frontline.consultation@haringey.gov.uk

Local activism at work on the back of an envelope. And look at all those shades of green with the red berries. There has to be a good reason for removing this. Please sign the petition 

As a far Easterner from Tottenham I've long been envious of beautiful planters in the West. Not that I want to lose raised beds/planters. In fact the opposite. Because I enjoy them very much I'd like to see more similar splashes of well-tended greenery in Tottenham. 
Like everyone else I'm used to hearing the constant refrain about the terrible state of the Council's finances and the need for cuts dressed up a "savings". (Not of course that these pressures prevent apparently endless cash being poured into a range of high profile failed stupidities spun as successes. And that's before we even get to millions wasted to hire consultants and lawyers to assist the KoberTories' war against Council Estates.

So I did wonder how long before someone would be coming to trim and chop the budgets for even more small parcels of greenery on the borough's streets.

We lost a raised planter outside Tottenham Green Leisure Centre, even though at one point there were some local volunteers keen to help. Some TfL planters vanished near Seven Sisters Tube and so did these in Pelham Road N15.

Raised beds need looking after. So I have wondered how far those in Crouch End and Muswell Hill may have relied on volunteers. Or if the traders nearby chipped-in. Foliage and colour lift the spirits and delight the eye. And I imagine that businesses stand to benefit even more than their customers.

I'd appreciate hearing if anyone has come across some creative reports or useful descriptions of projects Haringey might copy. In particular those which tackle the funding and maintenance problems without reducing streets to grey concrete with a water feature running through?

A specific point about the planter at the corner of Middle Lane. I've noticed what I assumed was vehicle damage from time to time to the brickwork. (I vaguely remember once reporting this.) Perhaps this may be a factor here? Maybe drivers misjudge the corner and their vehicle speed. Then mount the kerb, hit the bricks and claim the Council is at fault?

The raised bed in Middle Lane is at least well stocked with plants and therefore fairly free of litter and other mess. Taken in isolation it would better to keep it than not. But that is not the point here is it? If the council puts in a mini roundabout and pedestrian crossings to improve safety and traffic flow, there is no room for a planter of this size as well.

I witnessed an accident at this junction a few weeks ago. A driver pulled out of Middle Lane turning right across the path of a motor cyclist travelling up from Park Road. The driver said that she didn't see the bike and then that the bike had been going too fast and should have stopped to let her out! Luckily the rider didn't seem too badly hurt but her machine was quite damaged and it could easily have been more serious. While the accident was sorted out it blocked the traffic including buses at a busy morning time.

Another element of the proposed changes is to widen the pavement opposite (outside the new Here café formerly Bouga). It is really narrow there and difficult for pedestrians to navigate when busy. This section still has guard railings which I think are being phased out and don't exactly enhance the streetscape.

Whether we agree with the council's strategy on safety and street planning or not, these changes are in line with that strategy and removing the planter is not some isolated arbitrary anti-green action. Perhaps the businesses campaigning to keep it could put plant containers outside their shops to replace the lost greenery.

In the particular accident you describe the driver clearly has a list of excuses ready. If her sense of entitlement is such that she thinks her rights overrule very clear road markings, she may well continue to do so at a roundabout. From the description she clearly did see the bike but lost patience and pulled out anyway, and no amount of strategy will change that. 

I think that the major point here is that a consultation on a fait accompli is not a consultation.

Where are the alternative options? The road humps and raised plateau road entrances? What about reducing the road width to slow traffic down? What about doing something radical like introducing shared road surfaces to completely calm and slow the traffic? 

I'm not sure any of that would necessarily help, but then I'm not important enough to ask.

From Twitter

Haringey Cycling Retweeted Ivan O'pinion

As well as loss of green space we think these proposals will make Park Road more dangerous for cycling. If you agree please object by 5 Nov

Fairly typical Knee Jerk Politics from a councillor from a neighbouring ward

Jacqueline Osley I have written to Adam JogeeNatan Doron and Jason Arthur, local councillors asking them to fight this. Adam has got back to me immediately saying he sees no reason why the planter should be removed and he will coordinate with colleagues to look into it. But hurry everyone, the so-called 'consultation; ends tomorrow. Please sign the petition and email councillors
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Ricardo Fernandez
Ricardo Fernandez Jacqueline Osley can you share their email addresses here to make it easier for everyone?
Also I'm concerned about a consultation that is just impossible to find any info on on the council website? Surely the proposals aren't legally sound if a proper consultation hasn't been carried out.
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Adam Jogee
Adam Jogee My email is Adam.Jogee@haringey.gov.uk

We have spoken to the Cabinet Member (this doesn't technically fall in my ward and so I wasn't formally notified) and will be picking up on Monday. 

Best wishes
I went to a meeting with Toby, Danny and Cllr Ahmet. Our Cllrs sent late apologies. The apparent lack of communication with Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum  came because they were using a personal email account. I have given them the communal account.
The need to improve the junction comes from the traffic study carried out recently. It is not a particularly dangerous junction but is on a stretch of road which has more than its share of accidents. Wolsely and Shanklin already have raised platforms as part of the initiative.
An alternative plan is on its way to us which replaces the current planter with a lower bed containing smaller shrubs, and introduces a raised platform at the junction. The Middle Lane crossing would be moved toward the junction to improve sight lines.
As an added bonus the emergency services access to New Road is no longer needed so an extra new additional flower bed could be installed there.
I allowed myself to be persuaded of the benefits of this approach, more details of which we should get soon.  
There was talk of not doing a further consultation but I suggested that the signatories to the petition could be sounded out.
The liveable neighbourhoods tfl money is still on the cards, but is handled by a different department (neil goldberg?) who should also be given the communal email address.


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