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Healthwatch Haringey

Healthwatch Haringey is on its way

All councils in England are expected to set up new Local Healthwatch organisations in their areas from April 2013. The Health and Social Care Act 2012 abolishes the Local Involvement Network (LINk) and replaces it with local Healthwatch in order to strengthen the collective health and social care voice of users, patients and the public. It also set up Healthwatch England (HWE), a new independent consumer champion that will take on the national leadership role for local Healthwatch organisations.

What is Healthwatch?

Healthwatch Haringey will be the new independent consumer champion for people who use health and social care services in Haringey. It will ensure local people’s views are heard in order to make sure the best possible services are provided locally.

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What will Healthwatch Haringey do?

Healthwatch Haringey will strengthen the collective health and social care voice of users, patients and the public by:

  • Influencing local decision making by collecting what people say and using it to help shape health and social care services;
  • Supporting people by providing information and advice; helping people make better choices about the health and social care services they use; and
  • Providing a single point of contact for people wanting to complain by putting people in touch with the right advocacy organisation.

However, not all of these need to be done by the same organisation. In fact Haringey Council plans to commission independent NHS complaints advocacy separately from Healthwatch Haringey. This is because this is a complex service that requires highly skilled and trained professional staff. Healthwatch Haringey will not provide NHS complaints advocacy, but will signpost people to the successful provider.

We have already spoken to a number of voluntary and community sector groups; attending their meetings to tell their service users about the development of Healthwatch.  We asked them what they wanted from Healthwatch; and how they wanted to get advice, information and signposting from Healthwatch. We then used their comments to design and run a workshop with representatives from Haringey Council, Health Services and voluntary and community sector organisations. The workshop looked at a number of ways Healthwatch Haringey could be structured.  

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What will it look like and how will it work?

The three ways Healthwatch Haringey could be set up are:

Option 1 - One contract with a single organisation to provide all Healthwatch Haringey services as part of their existing work.

Description: A local, regional, or national independent organisation would provide Healthwatch services. This service would be governed by a local Healthwatch Haringey Board.

Option 2 - A contract with a consortium to provide all Healthwatch Haringey services as part of their existing work.

Description: A collective of organisations come together to provide Healthwatch services. One organisation from the consortium or an external partner takes lead responsibility to manage the consortium. Steer could be provided by a Board made up of representation from each of the organisations and others (individuals and organisations).

Option 3 - A contract with a lead organisation – the hub – who takes responsibility for commissioning the Healthwatch services through a number of spokes.

Description: An independent central, co-ordinating organisation (hub) that commissions and delivers services from organisations (spokes) with specialisms and interests such as mental health, neighbourhoods and so on. The governance arrangements can be designed as completely independent of any provider or interest group.

The majority view from the workshop was that Healthwatch should look like Option 3 - a contract with a lead organisation (the hub) who takes responsibility for commissioning the Healthwatch services through a number of organisations (spokes). However, the workshop could not decide about the role and tasks that the spokes should perform:-

  • Should the ‘spokes’ serve neighbourhoods?


  • Should they be made up of communities of interest (such as those with mental health needs, older people and so on)?

You can view the workshop presentations below:

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Have your Say

We would like to hear your views about how Healthwatch should be set up in Haringey to work for you and your community. The consultation will run from 6 August to 3 September 2012. You can:

Healthwatch Haringey
14 Turnpike Lane
N8 0PT

  • Write to the address above.
  • Pick up a copy from your local library.  

For further information contact: 020 8888 0579 or email: info@healthwatchharingey.org.uk

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Replies to This Discussion

My local LibDem councillor has sent me this:

I thought I'd drop you a line with news about how you can influence the setting up of a brand new health watchdog for Haringey.

For several years Haringey Link has been giving patients, families and carers a voice in how health care is delivered in the borough. Its members have worked hard and been effective champions for Haringey residents.

But now a new organisation is being set up with much wider responsibilities for information provision and advocacy. It will also have a seat on our local Health and Wellbeing Board.

Haringey Council is carrying out a short survey on how Healthwatch should be structured and how it should provide its services. It is important that residents and community based organisations have their say on this important new service.

Copied below is a letter from the organising officer with a link to the online questionnaire. Please feel free to pass the link on to neighbours and other contacts.

I have spoken to the officer and she has kindly agreed to extend the closing date for consultation responses to Monday 10th September.

I hope that you will find five minutes to complete it.

Best wishes,

Councillor David Winskill
Haringey Liberal Democrats  - lead on Health and Adult Services
Healthwatch Haringey – Your Local Health & Social Care Watchdog


The Council is charged with establishing a local body to take effect from 1 April 2013. It will be called Healthwatch Haringey and will be a new independent consumer champion for people who use health and social care services in the borough. To make sure that it is set up and run effectively the Council wants to get residents views and opinions about what it should do, how it should be structured, governed and how it should operate.

Your views are important to us and I would appreciate your involvement in this process by completing our online questionnaire. For more information and a copy of the questionnaire, please see below:

1. ‘Healthwatch Haringey is on its way’. See our webpage at www.haringey.gov.uk/healthwatch-haringey to find out what we have done so far to establish Healthwatch, and to have your say by completing the on-line questionnaire. A hard copy of the questionnaire is attached for your information.

2. Could you kindly forward this e-mail to any of your contacts and networks to tell them about Healthwatch Haringey and how they can ‘have their say’?

3. Hard copies of the questionnaires are available in all libraries, sports centres and hospitals.

4. The closing date for the return of the questionnaire responses is Monday 3 September.

Please could you telephone either Brenda or Michelle, members of the Healthwatch Development team on 020 8888 0579 or e-mailbrenda@healthwatchharingey.org.uk should you any require further information.


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