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There's been mentions of this company on Harringay Online, they manage (badly) a couple of problem properties on the Harringay Ladder, and do not have a great reputation. They're the sort of landlord who will not listen to complaints from either tenants or neighbours, and just pockets the money, sod everyone else. Not the loveliest of attitudes. I believe they have contract with Haringey Council for quite a few properties.

I just caught someone sticking a piece of junk mail though my letterbox. I have a big sticker saying "no junk mail" clearly displayed across the letterbox. You can't miss it. As i happened to be in the hallway when this happened, I opened the door and asked the man if he didn't see the sticker. He mumbled. I got him to take his flyer - from The Property Company - back, and he kept on mumbling. His friend then turned up, and informed me that they were not to blame, it was their boss, at The Property Company, who has told them in no uncertain terms to ignore "no junk mail" stickers on doors. They've been told that if anyone complained, in this case me, I should call the office.

My husband caught them another time, and that guy started arguing that this was not junk mail, they were just promoting their business, as they were expanding. Really?

I think this attitude clearly sums up what kind of people they are and how they run their business. As I said above, sod everyone else. That is not the kind of company anyone should be doing business with, and I would like to urge anyone on here to avoid them like the plague.

Haringey Council should certainly not be working with people like that, it's not in anyone's best interest.

Re their relentless junk mail - any ideas what can be done? I have tried calling them, they really do not care. It's not the sort of business I want anywhere near me, and I dread the day someone on my road is silly enough to let these scumbags manage their property. It will be trouble.

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Hi Nikki, I have to admitI also find their attitude towards other Crouch End residents pretty arrogant, the junk mail discussion is the tip of the iceberg, but it's what broke this camels back.
I will see if I can find anyone with more proof, I just know they handled they'd property over on Seymour Road on the Ladder with complete disregard for the neighbours. and I know they manage at least one more property on the Ladder, and do not take any responsibility. Great that you're getting in to the ham and high. Can you send me a private message re properties, if you find anything, and ill see what I can find out from neighbours, if I know any f them. The more ammo the better.


This company purport to be members of National Approved Letting Scheme http://www.nalscheme.co.uk/agents/find-an-agent?n=the%20property%20...

and the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme http://www.londonlandlords.org.uk/portal/index/

I would start by complaining to them

Good luck


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