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Adriana 'Adi' Green
Are any other shops getting complaints from customers regarding the nightmare parking restrictions and costs of parking in Crouch End?
So many of our customers have told us they hardly come to Crouch End anymore, because there are hardly any parking spaces available in the first place, so it becomes too stressful to drive around and find one.Then the amount they have to pay, £3 for an hour!!! A customer stopped off for coffee the other day and had to pay £6 for 2 hours, its ridiculous.I hope the council realises it is doing a good job of alienating any visitors to Crouch End, and making the job even harder for local businesses to survive. sorry for the long moan... x Scarecrow Boutique

I wondered if something like this might help - I've attached it as word and pdf for printing - let me know if tis good, no good, or could be improved:


This very brief guide to parking in Crouch End may simplify your decision about where to park

If you plan to arrive in the morning and leave before 2pm you can park for free almost(see below) anywhere in the pink zone.

If you plan to arrive after noon you can park for free almost(see below) anywhere in the blue zone.

If you plan to arrive before noon and leave after 2pm you will either have to move your car or use a Pay and Display.

(see below) – The places where you can't park for free are the Pay and Display bays which are situated in and on the edges of the shopping area – if you can see a shop you are probably in a Pay and Display bay – check the signs.

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Might be worth checking for factual correctness - the original diagram came from here http://www.haringey.gov.uk/crouch_end_cpz.jpg on the Haringey website. I think its also worth adding Simon's point about the double negatives on the P&D signs and different rules across the street.
I hold the opposite opinion to Adi. I think the Crouch End parking solution is simple, elegant even, and seems to work a dream. Has she an alternative? Listen to the Muswell Hill and Harringay traders on their local solutions.


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