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I wondered whether the owners of the new cafe opening where P Books used to be would like some help in naming their new venture...

My ideas so far are:

Much Ado About Muffin (my favourite)

A Midsummer Night's Ice Cream

Ices Andronicus

Troilus and Croissant

Ice You Like It


Julius Ceaser Salad... 


Any other ideas?

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I love Much Ado about Muffin!!  But Troilus and Croissant comes a very close second...please open them anyway, I'd be in there every day!


Perhaps these could be ice-cream flavours: The Cherry Wives of Windsor and Two Gentleman of Vanilla.

Would be such a fitting tribute to Prospero's Books!



Ice You Like it could also be As You Lick It...I'm loving this, can you tell?!

sorbet or not sorbet, that is the question

a plague on both their mousses

two gelato of verona

The merchant of choc ice

I always call Hamlet Omelette. My grandfather once told me about a camping shop near where he lived in North Wales with a sign outside reading 'now is the winter of our discount tents'.


Can't think of any more shop names, though.

I saw a camping shop in Warrington with the same amazing slogan, I wonder if it was the same one - not too far from North Wales?! 

I also remember looking in the window of a chemist/medical shop once around there and wondering why they'd put all the hearing aids in sea shells.  I deduced that they were going for the "a word in your shell like" angle!


If we're broadening our scope then I'm reminded of "My Word" a panel show I used to listen to in the 60's on the Home Service. I think I remember the intro "My Word is a word game played by people whose business is words, and those taking part are Frank Muir, Denis Norden, Anne Scott James and Dilys Powell".

The last round was always a pair of shaggy dog stories by Muir and Norden leading up to a version of a well known phrase or saying. It may be that that is where the "discount tents" misquote comes from. A couple of others I remember:

  • Danny Boy had a map of England's capital city tattooed on his backside - hence "London Derriere"
  • A grateful customer provided an elongated letter to replace on that had fallen from a shop sign where the staff were always weary - "Its a long Y to tip the weary"

The book of the series is now on offer at a substantial premium to its original price.

Having been reminded I might download some episodes


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