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Are the Lib Dems confused or what? Do they want to save the planet with energy efficiency or do they want us all popping down to the shops in our gas guzzling carbon and particulate emitting humvees?

Or do they want to please everyone all the time?

Dear Adrian,

Our local independent shops are one of my favourite things about our local area. It is great to walk around, meeting the shopkeepers and seeing what unique things they have to offer.

I want to see our High Streets thriving. But many local shopkeepers have told us that they’re struggling, since Labour-run Haringey Council hiked up high street parking charges to a whopping £3 an hour. 

There are many of us who could cycle or walk to our local independents. But for elderly people or mothers with young children, for instance, a car is often necessary to get to the shops and to bring back heavy items. Now, instead of using the local shops, these customers are forced to drive to shopping centres or superstores, where the parking is cheaper or even free.

Over 2000 residents and traders backed the Lib Dem’s campaign for 30 minutes free parking on our high streets – but the idea was rejected by the Labour-run council. 30 minutes free parking is now in our manifesto, and if the Lib Dems take control of Haringey, it will be implemented.

This is part of our overall transport policy, including better facilities for cyclists and more pothole repairs.

If we take control, we’d also install borough wide, energy efficient street lighting.After years of neglect by Haringey Labour, many streets are now left with inadequate lighting.The new bulbs would help make our streets safer, be better for the environment, and save the council money in the long term, too. 

You can read about our fully costed manifesto policies here. In the meantime, if there is anything you would like to ask us, please do get in touch. 

Best Wishes, 

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Sarah Elliott
Your local Liberal Democrat campaigner
P.S. Need a reminder about why Haringey Council is one of the worst in the country? Click here

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