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 . . . . . 'course they do , where else will aging, not re-elected politicians get lucrative jobs and pensions??

It’s just 100 days until the European elections. If we let UKIP win these elections the 3 million jobs here in Britain that depend on Europe will be at risk.

Only the Lib Dems are standing up for those 3 million jobs. We believe Britain should be an open, inclusive country, and we need your help to make that happen.

Pamela, will you add your name to our campaign to keep Britain in Europe?

I'm In

UKIP and the Tories want to play fast and loose with British jobs by pulling us out of Europe whilst Labour simply can’t decide whether they are in or out.  

The Lib Dems are the party of IN. We’re standing up for the 3 million people who need us to stay in Europe.

Can you help us by supporting our campaign today?

Thank you,

Tim Farron MP

PS. With only 100 days to go, we need your support now. Add your name to our campaign today and help us protect 3 million j...

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