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#THE influence of former Communists in today’s Haringey Labour Party

HOW much influence do former Communists have in today’s Haringey Labour Party?

Not much under the present Administration, led by the Conservatives’ favourite New Labour Leader, Cllr. Claire Kober. However, in the next Council Administration, that could change.

There are at least two current Labour Councillors who are former Members of the Communist Party – one of whom is not re-standing.

However, on leaving “the CP”, each followed paths leading in opposite directions:

Cllr Lorna Reith was once part of the milder, Euro-Communist wing that eventually split the CP.

She travelled so far from her earlier political allegiance—and was so trusted by the current/outgoing Council Leader—that she was able to be appointed the New Labour Group's Chief Whip.

And—in that recent litmus test for New-Labour soundness—was actually pro-HDV. The former Deputy Leader was de-selected by her Party on 12 November, 2017 as a candidate for Thursday's Election.

Cllr Tucker lecturing last November at the Marx Memorial Library

Cllr Noah Tucker on the other hand, appears to have stayed closer to his political roots: pro-Soviet and Communist orthodoxy.

He actually travelled in the opposite direction as Lorna Reith. Was he too far left for a kinder, gentler CP?

Those wishing to learn more about his political hinterland might like to check out "Straight Left".

Cllr Tucker is re-standing in St. Ann’s Ward.

Here's a definition of entryism.


I am re-standing for Liberal Democrats in Northumberland Park Ward, where New Labour's HDV would fall first and hardest.

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HERE’s a video of Cllr. Tucker in the Council Chamber from December. The content is unremarkable, save for Cllr. Tucker saying the Opposition were suggesting, the way to stop Momentum is to vote Liberal Democrat.

What is remarkable is the reaction of his Labour colleagues.

First, his fellow former-Communist (Labour Chief Whip Cllr. Reith) can be heard twice ordering Cllr. Tucker to stand up.

Second, two colleagues walk out: first, Cllr. Blake exits stage left and then Cllr. Doran exits stage right.

Five Comrades remain.

Cllrs Bull and Christophides rest their heads in their hands. Followed by Cllr. Waters, who later folds her arms. Cllr. Patterson consults his phone.

However the star of the clip is surely Cllr. Sheila Peacock.

Sheila averts her gaze and repeatedly finds Cllr Tucker’s comments  jaw-dropping. She can be seen wincing and finally shakes her head gently.

One member of the public—possibly two—applauds from the Gallery.

UPDATE on the broken video link:

On the council's server, the record of the web-cast has now expired, but fortunately the whole Full Council meeting is safe on Youtube.

This link goes straight to Cllr. Tucker's speech, to which I refer above.

Remarkable, as noted above, for the reaction of his colleagues.

IT does appear that ultra-hard Left influence prevailed in last night's selection of the Haringey (Labour) Council Leader.

The Spectator (with Crouch End reference):

"Corbyn's cranks aren't interested in power"


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