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Presumably the pub takes its name from Henry Reader Williams the councillor, protector of open spaces and generally good egg, who has his profile immortalised on the Clock Tower. You could say they're partial to him. 

Now when it comes to pubs and things, I'm something of an inverted snob. Given the choice between a shiny, popular, well known brand name on the high street, or a less shiny , almost unknown independent up a back alley, you'll find me in the dingier dive almost every time. Somehow this pub, a converted shop had acquired the look of a dingier establishment, which meant that of all the pubs in Crouch End it was the only one my daughters had not been into. Until last Friday, when exercising my preference for the less  frequented and acting on my daughter's observation (I had taken a daughter with me on this outing) that she had noticed a change in the place, she and I went in.

I had a very decent pint of real beer. She had a choice of white wines. We were happy with our drinks. The lady (landlady?) who served us was friendly and cheerful. England had just scored their second goal - I commented on how surprised the players looked, which brought a general murmur of sage agreement from bystanders. The place has been thoughtfully done up for these Euro Association Football thingies going on at the moment, with flags of 16 nations stuck to the ceiling, and a complete timetable on a whiteboard. A gentleman offered my daughter his stool.

We came away happy, both the slightly snobby and the diehard inverted snob.

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Yes it's indeed Henry Reader Williams who is 'partially' honoured - good on them for remembering the man who saved the Cricket Fields, Crouch End Conservation Area and Queen's Wood and all our sanity who live locally.

Can you think of any recent local politicians for whom the public would subscribe to build a monument?


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