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Every day I walk past the parade of shops on Weston Park. And 9 out of 10 times there's a massive pile of bin bags and other rubbish piled up around the public bin. 

Every morning, the bags have been ripped open by foxes, their contents spilled out onto pavement and street. In short, it's disgusting, and it needs to stop.

I will keep reporting this to the Council, and it would be really helpful if others on here could do the same. 

Here's a picture from last night - Tuesday 15th: 

And here is how I found it this morning, Wednesday 16th. Lovely, isn't it? 

and this is Thursday morning April 17th

This is what greeted us on Friday 18th  - Good Friday afternoon

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Finally, someone seems to be looking at this discussion!

There are cameras? Where? I've only seen a tiny sign and no cameras. The problems around the corner (i presume you mean Nelson Road), has nothing to do with this. That's cause by Veolia's stupid purple sacks, which they leave for days on end, they subsequently gets ripped open by foxes, and the result is rubbish everywhere. Plus, rubbish breeds rubbish. They should not be allowed to leave these bags for more than a few hours, tops. 

I've been here for 2 years now, and it's only in the past 3 - 4 months I've noticed this particular spot being this bad. I have NO idea what's changed. 

In my opinion what we need is for a couple of people to get caught, get a hefty fine, and for the word to spread. That should stop it. The flats need to have somewhere to put their rubbish, granted, but equally, it should not my problem if they don't, and I should not have to wade though their litter every morning. It's the owners of the building who needs to provide adequate room for bins - INSIDE. These should then be put out on collection day. Not random little bags every day. I would have thought this would be stipulated in any planning permission? 

The more people complain about this the better. Let's get this problem solved!

Hi Anette

I have just been to double check.  There are two signs.  The one on the Londis side is a warning about not disposing of rubbish properly.  The other, near Avalon is the same but also includes a CCTV surveillance notice.  However, I can't see where the camera is.  So not sure if it's well hidden, due to be put up or is a bluff. 

Yes, I did mean Nelson Road.  Nevertheless, I am sure the amount of residential waste now being left further up Weston Park and round the corners has increased since the signs went up.

I agree with everything you have said.  Rubbish breeds rubbish.  It attracts pests and can be dangerous to wildlife.   The shops along that parade have really made an effort to make that area look attractive (I am thinking here of Avalon, Nest and the kids shoe shop) yet it is ruined by the selfishness of others.

There needs to be a proper, workable solution to the problem backed up with appropriate enforcement.

I see that Richard Wilson tried to do something.  Have you had any joy from our new local councillors?

Hi mockturtle, that's what I've noticed as well, and I've not seen the camera. So I am guessing there is none. I agree with everything you're saying too! Please join in my complaints campaign. I'm tweeting every day, and getting more and more RTs which is good. Also including Veolia and the council in my tweets. As well as reporting online.
I did spot a box with a name and an address on there once, and reported that. No one seemed to care. Richard Wi,son tried to help, but got nowhere, and lost in the recent election, so I have contacted Tim Gallagher who's promised to look into for me. I'll keep it up and again, really need other to join me, so please....


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