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There seems little doubt that FEC will , if they are allowed to build an apart hotel in Hornsey Town Hall, pretty soon start marketing the very small flats as dwellings. Lending more weight to the argument that this planning application should be referred to the mayor because it breaches the 150 dwelling limit,as argued already by HTHAS in its letter to Haringey planning department.

This Twitter video sets out just how they work. I'm sorry I don't know how to embed the video here.

This demands a planning condition that these hotel rooms not be marketed as dwellings. 

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To be fair I don't have a problem with small flats if the design and spec are of a high standard and they are used properly.  However, they rarely are.  Cutting corners and swallowing up budgets with fees to the detriment of the build is endemic in this country.

Anyhow, I read an article in the Guardian about the awfulness of student accommodation and it mentioned that building regulations especially re. acoustics is less stringent for student and hotel accommodation than for residential. 


It's going to be cheaper for them to comply with the lesser obligations.  But it begs the question whether they will be complying with residential dwellings standards now rather than later.  Even so, wouldn't they need to request change of use in any event?  If they pleaded that the aparthotel wasn't working and given the pressure for housing its an easy step for the council to remove or change the condition. 

Is it too late now to effectively comment or object to the proposals for the Town Hall itself?

I am coming along tonight.  Thank you for whoever is organising it.  I am assuming you are involved Adrian, if not apologies but here's my two pence for tonight ..

I obviously do not speak for all but I would appreciate keeping things very clear and not assuming too much prior knowledge.  A lot has happened, I feel almost overwhelmed by the submissions, things are still unclear and to tell you the truth I am bit confused (especially what I can and cannot complain about).  People are quite rightly passionate and angry but if I am going to submit an objection I want to do it properly.

Many thanks

Tonight's meeting is in at least two parts. 1) to educate on howto make a valid objection. 2) to elicit from the room what the major objections are.

I hope you will go away better equipped.

Excellent, thanks.

I did come away "better equipped" so please pass on my thanks to everyone involved.

I also came away bloody angry as to how I was misled at the consultation / open day at HTH. I wish I had a transcript if what I was told because I left believing that HTH would be a creative and artistic hub. The flats were to finance a high grade restoration and keep HTH distinct and accessible. The hotel would be ideal for creatives needing short term accomodation. Tbh I was a bit sceptical when I mentioned the hotel in Wood Green (cheap, better transport links) and the young guy I talked to knew nothing about it.

So a load of old pants then and an insult to my time and intelligence.

I would also add that I spoke very briefly with someone from the Creative Trust that afternoon while looking at the boards. This person was very enthusiastic. Thought it and the consultation was wonderful.

Although I cannot remember the words, basically said it was a great proposal for HTH and CE and those objecting were naysayers and didn't understand.

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Hornsey Town Hall is set to be completely refurbished following a decision confirmed by Haringey’s cabinet(15 November 2016). The refurbishment is expected to see about £27 million spent directly on protecting, restoring and enhancing the ageing Grade II* listed heritage building.  The scheme also secures a long term future for the building, which will include:

  • new arts centre
  • upgraded public square
  • café / restaurant
  • boutique hotel
  • new homes
  1. £27m spent directly isn't true
  2. new arts centre shows no sign of being true
  3. upgraded public square has  been called severely into question by the Crouch End Festival directors
  4. café / restaurant is true in massive over-abundance
  5. boutique hotel isn't true
  6. new homes are present in far greater numbers than was agreed during procurement



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