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I've been having another look at the three Crouch End Councillors' Open Letter to FEC.

It's quite long, and contains a lot of stuff. It ends with:

Our support for your application is contingent on the issues that we have raised being adequately addressed. We urge FEC to work with us and the Crouch End community to do all we can to get this right.

This is a request to FEC to change the planning application. How else can they address the issues? So, right now, just at this moment, 18:29 on the 21st August, we do know that the planning application will change. What we don't know is just how it will change. And yet there are nearly 100 objections already lodged, to the current application. some of them object to the size of the buildings, many to the lack of affordable housing, the parking and the lack of GP and school places. What happens if all these problems are addressed? Does the planning department thereafter ignore those objections? Does it write to those objectors asking them to resubmit, based on the new flaws in the revised application? Does it now allow the very many people studying the current plans to go on doing so, even though what they are studying is to be superceded?

Seems to me the only fair thing to do is to cancel this application, and wait for the substantially revised version.

The councillors themselves say 

  • We also have concerns about the length of the consultation period

I believe that the current consultation is a diversion which has been derailed by the interference of the Crouch End councillors. It should not be allowed to continue, and will render the decision of any planning committee invalid,

Every time our wide eyed innocent councillors open their mouths they put their feet in them

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Thanks for your observations Adrian.

Yes, the CE Councillors' Open Letter is in effect, a request for a changed Application. My understanding is that, if changes are minor, an Application might still proceed as normal, perhaps with an extended period for Consultation (there's already been one extension).

However, it seems to me that the CE Councillors' Open Letter is a broadside, a critique across the waterfront and suggests that significant change would be needed. In that case, I would have thought that the Application needed to be withdrawn. And re-submitted. Possibly.

It's quite a mess. I think I know who is the ingénue in your photo, but I'm not going to comment.

Of course FEC could just ignore the councillors' letter and plough on with the present application. They don't have to do anything because after all they signed the deal already, and apparently received a nod sufficient to embolden them in going for the extra storeys, etc. in planning. Mind you, I'm told they are due to submit extra information soon. We should assess it carefully and request a fresh application if warranted.

And all the stuff about "urging FEC to work with the community" is beyond parody - that Haringey signed already without pinning any of this down is appalling.

I think it's time the community got to see what was actually in the Development Agreement. Anyone got a redacted copy? Maybe our cabinet member may wish to share?

4 weeks have elapsed since the councillors' letter winged its way to the Head of Development at FEC. Have they received a reply?

FEC also promised (to the Neighbourhood Forum and the HTH Creative Trust) to release a detailed breakdown of costings for the restoration, this by August 18th. Haven't heard anything.

The Head of Planning at Haringey promised that FEC would be submitting further details as part of the planning app. Some landed - but not the promised revised Viability Statement. Still nothing there as of this morning.

And the key appointment of the arts operator has been promised many times. Most recently by August 31st. Silence.

Maybe we'll find out everything we want to hear tomorrow? But maybe not.

Right now I've no clear idea of what's going to happen with the TH other than blandishments. Speak up Mr Connolly.

The Crouch End Neighborhood Forum wrote to Planning about this last week ...
Dear Emma
I understand that those who have already commented on the HTH planning application have been emailed with this very useful link ..
.. most of the information is about changes to the housing unit mix and some other changes of detail.
Could you please tell me whether any other information (particular with regard to the EVA) is anticipated and if so when.
Looking at the EVA on the planning website, I was surprised to see that the redacted version still appears – is it possible to substitute it with a “clean” copy.
As Mark asked earlier, will the BNP Paribas report also be made publically available?
Finally the EVA refers to three appendices ...
  • Appendix(1(– Argus Developer Appraisal (Current(Proposal)
  • Appendix(2 – Order of Cost Estimate (Fulkers)
  • Appendix(3– Argus Developer Appraisal(EUV(Calculation)
I’d be grateful if unredacted versions of these could also be made available.
Many thanks for your continuing help.


The history of attempted property disposals by New-Labour Haringey, in my opinion, has been one of waste, folly and incompetence.

When this disposal came before Cllr. Arthur—as political lead on Finance—he was either asleep at the wheel … or he actively steered it forward. And in the Council Chamber, his Crouch End colleague Cllr. Doron sneered at the efforts of previous Liberal Democrat Crouch End Councillors, implying that the current Councillors, including him, had found a solution and secured the future for our Hornsey Town Hall.

We know that FEC (UK) is the local branch, with their HQ in Hong Kong. Can I invite you to consider putting your concerns and questions about what is going on, to the parent company?

I do not know how much the parent company know about all of this, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn they don't know enough. And I suspect they would be interested to know about this … mess.

YESTERDAY there was published FEC (UK)’s response to the hapless trio's Open Letter to FEC, dated 9 August 2017.

This is the latest in an exchange of correspondence between (a) the trio (AKA the Crouch End New-Labour Councillors)—or at least the unlucky two (for the commentary cites only Cllrs. Arthur and Elliot as authors)—and (b) FEC (UK) Ltd.

Seems things are not quite right yet and the trio's support is withheld, pending receipt of more detail. FEC (UK) Ltd. are urged to work “even harder”.

Perhaps FEC International (above) can get the local branch to work harder.

If the New Labour trio think that the HTH deal is unsatisfactory, what will they say about the vastly larger HDV deal with Lendlease when all the facts come out? Each of the three Crouch End Cllrs voted for the HDV, just as they had championed the HTH sell-off … until recently.


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