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The Charity fella always outside Waitrose/ Budgens - bit of a mystery

The young guy who is always there with a collection bucket.  Seems to collect for the latest cause - I can remember him over the last few months collecting for Pakistan floods, Haiti earthquate, Japan tsunami, then something vague about 'woman and child' and now he is collecting for Somalia / famine. 


Now fair play to him for being there such long hours BUT where does the money go and which charity is he collecting for?  Does he empty the bucket in between changing beneficiaries? I don't think it is DEC and so should he be licensed to do it????  How do you go about finding out if he is genuine - I am sure he is but I would just like some sort of confirmation and wondered if anyone had any idea?






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The first time I noticed him was for the Pakistan floods. I guessed he had some sort of personal connection with the problem. But you are right he has been there ever since. I haven't checked to see what he is collecting for. I sort of assumed it hadn'r changed.

I also didn't think to question his right to be there, or his authorisation to collect. That stretch of pavement always has someone - trying to sell the Big Issue, wanting you to sign up to regular donations to whatever, a beggar - wanting money, I've sort of got used to it. It also often  has a police person or two especially this last week, and generally at school chucking out time. Would they not check any scam.

I guess the police would given he is there so much.  I was just a bit concerned about the succession of causes, he does collect quite a lot.

I should just ask him!  that would be the easiest. 

He's collecting for the East Africa crisis today dressed as a dragon.
Today he was dressed as the Pink Panther though I'm not sure what he was collecting for. 

I deliberately do not 'do streets'. For me, charity giving should be planned to avoid rogues. I also have no time for chuggers. On the other hand, I would willingly pay the man who drones 'Big Issue Ladies, Big Issue Gents' to ply his trade in the middle of Priory Park or the North Sea. Don't know how the staff of Waitrose cope. I'd give up the will to live if I had to listen to that all day.


Chuggers and the Big Issue are two very different business plans. Chuggers get a commission on their sign ups - word has it that this uses up a year's contributions from the chuggee. The Big Issue on the other hand is a proper business, which provides participants with an income, self respect and, when successful a home. But on the occasions when I've bought it, it has contained nothing I want to read
No. I think they get paid from the reclaimed tax you've paid on the contribution. All your money goes to the charity. But I still don't do streets. I wish they'd give out 'No' stickers with their logo so that the other chuggers know not to approach.


This is almost certainly a charity scam. I have looked into this charity (HELP THE WOMAN AN AND CHILD). It was registered with the charity commission a few months ago. It is supposed to raise money for Bangladesh although its website is totally vague.

Under Met regulations they are only allowed to raise money once a week in any area and he is there every day.  Worst of all he is now pretending to raise money for the East African famine.  I doubt that any of the money he raises goes to East Africa but if it did it would be outside the scope of his charity and therefore illegal.  The charity has been refererred to the Charity Commission for investigation and the Met have said that they do not have proper permits.

They are effectively stealing money from famine victims. 



I challenged the guy today and he claimed to be legit with Met police permission. I didn't believe him because he's now collecting for Somalia. Has someone informed the police?

I have submitted this query to our Safer Neighbourhoods Team

Please can you check the suggestion in this thread http://opinion8.ning.com/forum/topics/the-charity-fella-always-outs... that the charity collector who is regularly outside Budgen's / Waitrose does not have a licence.Many ThanksAdrian


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