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The layer of dust covering all our cars (and presumably our houses and our laundry) has drawn attention to the air that we breathe, which is not perfectly clean. 

Just how dirty it is seems not to be perfectly clear. Defra produces forecasts which AirText claims overstate the problem. Most of Defra's monitoring stations seem to be out of action. This Londonist interview is two years out of date but the facts probably have not changed much.

Still, what would you do - not breathe the air or go and live in the highlands?

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Just received this through the door from the Greens (which is, I thnk a political party)

London’s air is so polluted that the European Commission has launched a legal action against the Government, threatening £300 million fines.
Air pollution is the second biggest cause of premature deaths after smoking, and makes conditions like asthma and heart problems much worse. Greens have been cleaning up our dirty air for over a decade successfully pushing through ideas like the Low Emissions Zone. We now want an Ultra Low Emissions Zone across inner London, and Islington Greens have recently won cross-party support for this idea. 
Jean Lambert, our MEP for London, has worked with our two London Assembly Members, local Green councillors, and campaign groups like Clean Air in London to reduce traffic levels, and to introduce cleaner buses and taxis.
But successive governments and Mayors have failed to do enough to protect your health. Our groundbreaking analysis found that three—quarters of the main roads in London will still breach legal nitrogen dioxide limits in 2020. We need action now to safeguard our health and the health of future generations.

And here's some good / bad / good news  car sales are up -

good that there is an economic recovery (my father used to drive an Austerity A30 ) /

bad that so many cars will emit so much more pollution (unless the myth that catatonic converters actually clean the air is not a myth) /

good that there are now many more AFVs - alternatively fuelled vehicles - being purchased - wind up those elastic bands


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