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THE worst domestic failure of the Blair Government – all but forgotten

Six years ago my cousin wrote a brief paper about the biggest domestic disaster of the Blair years. It happened back in 2001 and now it's nearly forgotten, especially by ‘townies’. His essay about the management of the bad news is titled,

« Here’s one he buried earlier » 

(attached, below)

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All very fascinating, but why would these events of 16 years ago and an essay written six years ago be of sudden interest today?

Rob, the events are not of sudden interest; the day of posting isn't of any particular significance. They are interesting—if not fascinating—in the same way that any historical event may be interesting, possibly in the hope that one can learn lessons. The events are of less interest to "townies" but had huge impact in the countryside; they're also an analysis of the impact of spin: to our collective disadvantage.


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