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The best place to eat in Haringey - on small creatures with shells

Seven Sisters Road

I've become quite brave about eating out, even venturing beyond the confines of Crouch End and Hornsey. My current favourite strip of road is Seven Sisters Road between Hornsey Road and Finsbury Park Station. At the bottom end is Hana, a Japanese restaurant made particularly convincing because every time I go in there I see Japanese people eating. Not an eating place, I know, but the Handweavers shop looks almost tempting enough to take up hand weaving. The Girasole Italian cafe is pretty good too.And up nearer the station Banaadiri on one side of the road and ZamZam on the other serve a filling three course African style meal for about a fiver (soup (50p) , spaghetti/rice with meat or fish, and a banana with as much pink squash as you can drink). And all surrounded by Africans eating with their fingers. The most diverse Crouch End gets is middle class or very middle class.

Declarations of Interest

But our leading councillors venture even further afield, sometimes at others' expense. When they do it must be logged in a register of interests. You can find all of these declarations of members' interest on a page on the Haringey website.

There are some of current interest. We've recently seen Cllr Jogee's putting his foot down with a firm hand over uncomradely behaviour. To little avail. Some more comrades are still at it. Note though that Cllr Jogee is a consultant (/researcher) at Terrapin Communications, an interest which he has properly declared. 

Terrapin Communications is a name which crops up several times in other councillor's declarations. Cllr Kober, for instance, has lunched or dined 6 times at Terrapin's expense, once as far afield as Cannes, at the MIPIM conference,  a dinner which Cllr Strickland also attended. Cllr Strickland has eaten at Terrapin's expense a further four times.

Cllr Arthur has also lunched with Terrapin, in April and July of this year. 

One has to admire the councillor's selfless diligence. It's probably not quite as demanding as the Vicar of Dibley's multiple Christmas Dinners, but nevertheless attending dinners for the good of the community is no doubt troublesome.

By the by

You will no doubt recall the recent fuss about the sale of Hornsey Town Hall to a consortium made up of a consortium (The Far East Consortium) a hotelier (Dorsett Hospitality) and Coplan Estates. This image is of Terrapin's Client List

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Councillor Hackett is a good catch for Mr. Bingle.

Amongst his other duties, Cllr. Hackett has the following Bexley Council Committee appointments:

His Register of interests is here


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