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How are you finding the new arrangements at the Archway where a one-way system has been replaced, and all the bus stops moved?

Gail Waldman of the Highgate Society, has put her name to a long, very thorough but somewhat tetchy letter to Sadiq Khan and some of his Assembly colleagues. Sadiq has now replied by forwarding a letter from someone at TfL to one of the Assembly members.

The essence of the Highgate Society letter about the Archway changes is that the location of the bus stops leaves a lot to be desired, whereas with just a little thought, so much more could have been achieved. On the face of it this seems entirely justified. The Whittington is badly served, and now that the 41 and W5 stops are separated, there is no hedging your bets on which might come first for a trip to Crouch End.

The essence of the TfL response is "Yeah, so what, we did it the way we do it, and now you can live with the results".

The Crouch End Neighbourhood Forum urged responses to the bus stop consultation, which is right and proper - if we don't participate in the democratic process we deserve to be ignored. But in this case the Highgate Society calculate that 91% of were ignored any way.

The Highgate Society is a part of civic society entirely unburdened by the need to produce a Neighbourhood Plan, which perhaps explains how come they can write such long letters. The Archway Neighbourhood Forum is no more, having failed to gain recognition from the local council.

The 41 now leaves from G. M and Y, while the W5 leaves from E and A. This map taken from the TfL website

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Plenty of lovely bus-spotterish documents to wade through.

The TfL December 2016 consultation report is at https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/buses/archway-consultation/user_up....

... and the TfL response at https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/buses/archway-consultation/user_up...

Bon courage.


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