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TfL introduces Routemaster to the 91 bus route - and changes the roundabout

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Many households will have received a letter from Haringey recently setting out the intention to introduce new Routemaster buses (Borisbus) on route 91 and to re-align the Ferme Park Road roundabout to accommodate this. The changes to the roundabout are not very clear from the diagram.

Lisa Fuller on Facebook has raised the question of safety at the roundabout. For myself, I always feel awkward crossing from the convenience store to the estate agent or vice versa. It is far from easy to see vehicles coming from Hornsey, and often impossible to guess their intentions from the indicators, or more often lack of them. But I don't know if my unease has ever translated into someone else's accident. This map of fatalities between 1999 and 2010 suggests that Crouch End generally has not suffered fatalities from Road Traffic Accidents.

The map is a little difficult to read. I now know what LOHAC stands for, but be blowed if I'm going to learn their protocols. I think it would have been helpful if the map for distribution to lay people cold have been couched in English. The misnaming of Ferme Park Lane is a little irritating.

Repeated references to "new or existing" are confusing too. Will these items be replaced or the old ones left there. I'm guessing that the "north east corner" means the pavement outside the estate agents'. Does a roundabout have corners? Is the north east not on the other side of the road? Does the shaded area represent a brand new bit of pavement, in effect a road narrowing scheme? If so will this make my attempts to cross here more comfortable?

I will send this set of questions to the contact named in the letter Gary Smith - frontline@haringey.gov.uk telephone 0208 489 5609.

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