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I have been attempting to find out how the relaxation in street trading licensing will work in practice. 

The answer seems to be that no one has got any idea. To start with I had a deal of trouble finding any LBH contact to talk to about it. When I did find someone the officer in question was extremely helpful - in so far as he could be.

The relaxation in licensing regulations seems to have happened in a vacuum - whilst the General Purposes committee has made a temporary street licence a possibility I cannot find a process for getting one, especially in the Town Hall square.

My interest in the relaxation came about because of articles like this one which documents opposition to the very idea of a Farmer's Market in the square. This discussion puts forward both sides of the argument. 

It appears that if any sort of market at all wanted to set up in the town hall square it would have to navigate the following minefield:

1) the Hornsey Town Hall Creative Trust (HTHCT) a body founded in 2007 "to oversee the regeneration of Hornsey Town Hall" - which is responsible for the long term viability of whatever goes on in the square

2) "The council" - I use the term advisedly as it is used on the HTHCT website - perhaps to distance the Trust from any involvement in actual decision making, and to prevent the identification of any one of "the council's" many officers or councillors who might actually make something happen

3) Licensing - Haringey has a team which deals with all aspects of licensing

4) Planning - there are apparently planning restrictions on the use of the Town Hall Square

5) Consultation - its not very clear, but I think the applicant would have to carry out a consultation demonstrating that ??? some people. most people, at least one person??? thinks the market is a good idea

6) The future - it may very well be that Mountview do something with the square - so the application must not constrain their as yet undetermined requirements.


This all seems to me to be a recipe for making sure that nothing ever happens.

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