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Just before 8 this morning my landline rang and a recorded message told me that it was from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs and that legal proceedings had been instituted against me. I was instructed to ring 0203 287 7659.
I believe this to be the beginnings of a scam. The call was not from HMRC nor are there any proceedings.
The call came from 01966073979.

I have reported it to the police and have a receipt number ROC-2318-17-00

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The police aren't interested. I've now received the email below, which takes me to one of those merry-go-round sets of web pages where you just end up back where you started. It does offer me help on how to recognise a bogus caller, which I have already done, haven't I, that's why I reported it.

All very discouraging.

Good Morning,

Thank you for contacting the Metropolitan Police Service

As this is a potential attempted scam it would need to reported directly by yourself to Action Fraud. Action Fraud can be contacted on 03001232400 or by visiting their website: https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/ .

Kind Regards,

MetCC Digital Contact Centre
Metropolitan Police Service

I had another such call this morning and reported it via the local police WhatsApp group. I got an almost immediate call back, suggesting that I call my telephone supplier, who are duty bound to do something, or to go to actionfraud.

Virgin offered me 5 options:

1) Change my number - hideoulsy inconvenient

2) Anonymous call blocker - this call had an apparently valid number

3) Caller display - I already have , that's how I know the number

4) Telephone Preference Service - I have and it only works if the naughty people respect it

5) Silent call blocking - this call was not silent, there was a recorded message.

I tried action fraud. The second question is "Did the crime take place in the UK, with the victim based in the UK?" But I'm not sure there actually has been a crime. Is fibbing about being from HMRC a crime?

Answering 'Yes' to question 2 I am faced with the options

None of which is true, I have only been defrauded of a walk down the hall to get the phone, and a few minutes of time.

The next screen is the 'automated programs' check. Given that I lied about the previous question in order to get this far, I am discouraged from continuing.


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