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A planning app has been submitted for changes at Hornsey High Street's Hornsey Tavern, with the yard becoming a block of 7 flats...

But it's hard not to see it as a clear improvement. The plans look okay, not too high, and the current rear of the building and the side street deserve something better. The ground floor retail is retained as a pub - though pub fans will tell you to be wary of such developments as precursors to closure. Still, on this occasion the pub floorspace appears to be extended, so we might be safe...

As to the building, it's in the conservation area but offers a neutral contribution (it's an interwar building), and in any event will appear unchanged from the High Street.

Wonder what the locals think. Images from the application below.

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The pubs on Hornsey High Street seem to be surviving quite well. I've been in the Hornsey Tavern for pie, chips, beer and the rugby, which had it busy on a Saturday afternoon. I've been in there of an evening when a choir was singing in the back bar. When passing it looks inviting. So, it seems to be a successful pub. Olive's restaurant on the next corner is usually busy , and Olive personally knows all the customers. It all seems a bit old fashioned, with regulars and locals and community. 

The picture below is as it is now. From what I can tell the existing building isn't changed except for roof lights which is presumably a loft extension. 

It's hard to guess who'd object.


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