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I have received the following email from an officer of the council enquiring about the area forum, and a consultation Haringey is carrying out. You can answer their questions here http://www.haringey.gov.uk/haringey-snap-survey.htm?k=135357695685

I added the following free form text

I have only ever been to a Crouch End forum, which generally has been well attended. I think these have engaged a certain section of the public. The latest minutes list 11 actions arising from the meeting under 8 major headings. I think this demonstrates both engagement and interest from the public and a means of demanding action from the council. 

Subject: Survey on Area Forums/Committees




I am writing on behalf of the Chair of the Council’s Communities Scrutiny Panel.   As part of its annual work plan, the Panel is undertaking a short project on area forums and committees.  It is reviewing the implementation of the new arrangements that were brought in as a result of the Governance Review of 2010 with the setting up of area forums and committees.  The aim of this is to assess to what extent the objectives of the changes have been fulfilled and to make recommendations on how the current arrangements could be improved and specifically:

-        How well the area forums and committees complement the Council’s consultative and decision making processes and how best they can be used;

-        Attendance and participation levels and ways that they could be increased; and

-        The responsiveness of the Council to issues raised at forums/committees.


As part of this work, the Panel would like to obtain the views of officers and partners who have attended meetings and, to this end, has constructed a short survey which can be accessed via the link below.  The survey should only take about 5-10 minutes.  The Panel would be very pleased if you could take the time to complete this.  Your views and comments would be very welcome.  The survey will remain open until 4 January.




Please contact me should you have any queries.  Please feel free to pass the link onto anyone who I may have inadvertently missed out.


Many thanks


Rob Mack

Senior Policy Officer

Tel: 020 8489 2921 


Strategy and Business Intelligence

Haringey Council

7th. Floor River Park House, 

225, High Road, Wood Green


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